Is the Samsung Invisible Selfie Type AI Keyboard an exciting innovation?

Lately, Samsung has been emerging as one of the key players in the field of AI. The brand had made an announcement in the Consumer’s Electronics Show 2020 about the project on which the company had been working for some time. Samsung has named this innovation as The Samsung Selfie Type Invisible AI Keyboard. By looking at the name of the product, one can easily understand what it is all about. The brand claims that this product could bring upon a revolutionary technology that has the power of transforming our young experience forever. The Samsung Selfie Type Invisible Keyboard allows you to work for a long duration on the go, and you can place the phone on a table and can start typing using that Invisible AI keyboard.

How the Samsung Invisible Selfie Type AI Keyboard works?

The keyboard uses the Selfie camera of our phone and analyses our hand movements through the algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence. This algorithm learns the previously collected data on our phone and predicts which letter we are typing.

One must be wondering that the keyboard is a mimic of the laser type projection keyboard, but here nothing is projected neither lasers nor lights. Only the front camera of our phone records our hands’ movements. The keyboard proves the brand’s claim of the technology of being revolutionary to be true. It has massive potential and can be found in the next generation of the Galaxy series.

The keyboard is not a product bit a feature that would be found in most of the upcoming Samsung smartphones and tablets. This is essentially a virtual keyboard that would change the way we type. The front camera of our phones will be using predictive analysis for precise and effortless typing.

Samsung Invisible Selfie Type AI Keyboard benefits

We have listed down the benefits below:

  1. We have a tendency to do a number of works on our laptops, but in the absence of laptops we need to do that work through our phones, and it is turmoil when it comes to lengthy write-ups because of the small keyboard of our smartphones.
  2. You can just set up our phone on our table and start typing and based on our typing. We’ll see letters pop up on our screen, which will make our typing a bit easy and precise.
  3. The feature provides effortless typing that and that eleven external keyboards are like a blessing to those users who like to work on the go but can’t carry an external keyboard.
  4. As mentioned earlier, this is not a product, rather a feature that uses artificial technology through the selfie camera hardware of our smartphones and tablets.

The company has already exhibited us for the Samsung Selfie Type Invisible Keyboard with a glimpse of it at CES 2020. We don’t know the launching date of the feature. It has been estimated that it will be an inbuilt feature in the upcoming Samsung Smartphones and Tablets Series and will also be added as a system update for the existing Smartphones and Tablets’ Series. This improvisation seems quite exciting as sated by Samsung and at least I am 

About Samsung

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