Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

In this digital world currently with every passing day, more and a lot of individual peoples are learning towards digital technologies and solutions. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is an extensively popular subject and topic in a technological and industrial area.

Today’s digital world combining Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security can be used as the most powerful tools against cyber attacks and investigations. There is no doubt that AI can enhance our own human abilities, particularly when it comes to technology.

Cybersecurity is one of the best areas to get advantage of the appearance of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence in cyber-security isn’t just a determinable resolution to stop digital threats of cyber-crime, it is the resolution of the future to secure systems and devices.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science. AI is used to the development of intelligent behaviour of computers or machines working like a human. AI is suite technologies where machines automatically learn. Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in our everyday lives.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity can be described as a process for protecting systems, networks, mobile devices, electronics systems, programs and data from cyber-attacks.

It wanted the risk of cyber attacks and cyber crimes defend against the unauthorized occultation of systems, networks, programs and data.

The use of AI in Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence systems are going to be widely used for both cyber-defence and cyber-attacks. AI is ideally fit for resolving our most troublesome problems, and Cybersecurity positively falls into that group. AI can aim to considerably improve cyber-security; however, hackers will use it for criminal activity.


Artificial intelligence techniques can be accustomed to find out how to remove noise or unwanted information and to modify security specialists to understand the cyber environment. AI can also benefit cybersecurity with machine-driven techniques to come up with whenever cyber threats are detected. Artificial Intelligence is ready to analyse the huge amount of information and permit the progress of the present system in a proper way to reduce cyber-crime and cyber attack. Cybersecurity companies are preparing AI systems to find viruses and malware by exploitation algorithms so AI can then run pattern determining on the software.

Positive use of AI in Cybersecurity

AI also can be accustomed to find threats and different envious actions. It positively used in various fields.

Password security and user authentication are the most important. Users are even inert to making password so they generally used similar password in various accounts and many users save the password in their devices. This password is used for the only barrier between hackers and these accounts. Biometric verification is safer than a password. Cyber developers are currently using AI technology to spice up biometric verification making more convenient and secure.

To control phishing attack AI technology is used most significantly. We get regularly lots of fake emails, SMS, calls etc. which is now very common and it creates many cyber-attacks. Now AI technology is used to detect the phishing threats in all over the world with the specific graphical location. This technology is now playing an important role in Cyber-security.

Why use AI in cyber-security?

AI is now important for its role in cyber-security. In this digital world the growing of cyber-threats along with the increasing development of technology, so cyber-security is becoming more serious edition every day. With the help of Artificial Intelligence Cyber-security from technology companies to a social media website, various foundations are operating to prevent cyber-crimes and cyber attacks. AI is used in cyber-security to protect data from cyber-attacks and recognize cyber threats.


Advantages of using AI in Cyber Security

Here are a few advantages of using AI in Cyber-security

  • Recognize Cyber-attacks

Artificial Intelligence operates the process of identifying cyber threats. AI can explore the enormous amount of activity that occurs across an organization’s network and the huge amount of emails, files ingress by employees in the shortest amount of time need for human. The huge amount of cyber-attacks is introduced every time. Cyber-security employees are found cyber threats which are often stepping forward.

  • AI learn more over time

More overtime, AI cybersecurity authorization can learn about the regular traffic and behaviours of a network and identify movement from the pattern. AI Cybersecurity authorization is aware of the general network and can rapidly verify any changes that happen to it before taking action to get rid of the cyber threats. This system can help the IT experts to find risk and resolve the problems.

  • Reduce duplicative process

Identifying potential threats is a duplicative process. AI-driven algorithms can save analysts more time that the continuation of a similar process on huge data. In the meantime, cybersecurity specialist can concentrate on increasing algorithms and learn additional attention to new threats.

Disadvantages of using AI in Cyber Security

Here are a few disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

  • Cyber threats evolve

Even if you introduce AI to your organization, it does not mean that you just automatically become resistant to all or any threats. Viruses and malware are constantly rising and even for AI systems will require constant redesign, improvement and maintenance.

  • Cyber-criminals also use AI

AI system is used for security by cyber-criminals or hacker. They are capable to acquire AI-driven cyber-security resolution to check their envious applications towards them. Then they can form an AI secure malware.


The field of cybersecurity we get a lot of advantages from AI. It is clear that however, cybersecurity developers have to compelled to take up a measured approach with proper care and control. It must be a good tool rather than others. It is important to analyses the growing potential of AI improves the cybersecurity systems. It is difficult to prophecy what the future Artificial Intelligence holds in cyber-security. AI take a great step for the layer of fraud to Cyber-security in the future.

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