Review of Lexilens Smart AI-Powered Eye Glasses

Based on Patent Technology, Lexilens Glass is a smart eyewear solution for children who are suffering from Dyslexia. By using these power glasses, children can read and write seamlessly in any language instantaneously and universally. For children, it increases their self-confidence because of empowering them to their potential. It also benefits teachers and families as they have to focus on the learning disorder and work on other things to excel in their interest and talent.


Lexilens Eye Glass Highlights


  • Designed for Kids
  • No Training Required
  • Instantaneous and Universal
  • Compatible with Prescription Lenses
  • Rechargeable Battery

Besides being a game-changing engineer, Michel Kodochain – the Founder and CEO of Abeye, shares their mission behind creating smart eyewear. They are trying to innovating the health and wellness industry that ignite societal impact.

After the international launch of Lexilens glass, a smart eyewear solution is rolling out and widely available. Children will be transformed individually for empowering their potential who are suffering from Dyslexia.

Put the Lexilens on, and it works instantaneously. This will have an impact on these children who are extremely important to their families.

The precise modulation of light is needed for more transparent and faster reading, which Lexilens provides by integrating high-performance electrochromic lenses.

Abeye has been selected for Innovation Award Honoree with Lexilens at CES 2020.

As Lexilens respects the eyewear industry’s standards and norms, it received an award at SILMO – the eyewear industry trade show.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a type of disorder with no existing cure resulting in reading problems to the children. It makes reading difficult for children and often leads to school failure. It decreases the social confidence of children. Two people with Dyslexia per class have found that Dyslexia affects 10% of the population around the World.

According to a recent discovery, probable causes of Dyslexia is identified and developed Lexilens Smart power glasses to help people with Dyslexia read by leveraging science. So every child can reach their potential.

Lexilens Eye Glass Features

  • Simple: It’s so simple to use that switching on is enough to enjoy reading.
  • Comfortable: Arms designed to fit even in large heads seamlessly, significantly when kids are growing up. You can focus on your reading as the frame will stabilize at the nose during the reading position.
  • Compatible with Prescription Lenses: For delivering maximum reading comfort, Prescription lenses are added to Lexilens Smart Power Glasses.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: As it serves two days of operation without charging, so you can use Lexilens even at school without worrying about charging the battery and its power level.​
  • Unique: It comes with Patented Technology, including unparalleled results.

How did the Lexilens Glasses work?

These glasses allow us to pass precise light for an effortless and straightforward reading by miniaturizing an electronic circuitry with electrochromic lenses. At a glance, they look similar to regular power glasses. But, a small button is there which users have to click for turning it on or off. When the child prepares for reading, they have to click the small button to turn on, and the rest mechanism of the glasses will activate automatically. The effect is instantaneous. With a small battery, it promises to serve up to two days. So children can take it to school without any problems.

These glasses have a series of characteristics as it is specially designed for children for adjusting the dynamics. These glasses are easy to use and didn’t require any prior training. The glasses will be adapted to their growth. Another essential feature is that these smart power glasses are compatible with prescription lenses. So there will no conflict due to these glasses with their dynamics.

Our Opinion

Interested users can find all the information on these smart power glasses on the presentation page of Lexilens. The thought of these power glasses is not only the proposal design by Lexilens for people with Dyslexia that was cleared in the latest edition of CES.

That’s all for now, and we’ll come back soon with a new topic. Follow the website for further notable updates. And share the information about Lexilens Smart AI-powered Eye Glasses in your groups. If you have something to tell or ask, comment below.


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