LuluPet Smart Technology to check Cat’s Health for Cat Lovers!

AI technology is present all around us. From chatbots on various sites and applications to even gadgets such as Alexa, AI has engulfed our lifestyle. It is no wonder that in the years to come, more gadgets will be AI-based and make our lives easier. If we look at the home front, numerous AI-based home gadgets are available in the market. Can you believe it, there is AI-based toothpaste that can track your brushing! LuluPet is a Taiwan based pet company that has launched an AI device all about your pet cat’s health. One of the essential aspects of our homes is pets. We all love owning pets, be it dogs, cats, or birds! Are you a cat lover, then this AI gadget would be quite useful for you. Read on to know more about it. 

What is the LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box?

LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box is based on AI that monitor’s your cat’s health. Now, as we all know, cats aren’t necessarily obvious with how they’re feeling or whether they have any health ailments or not. Cats are also really well at hiding any kind of pain. It often happens that by the time the cat develops symptoms of any ailments, it’s too late to treat it. Hence with this device, you can quickly diagnose the ailment of the cat. Let us know how?

The bowel movements of cats can predict any health issue certainly. And that is where this fantastic device steps in! So what this LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box does is to examine your feline cat’s urine and stool once it uses the bathroom. It checks everything from its behavior to weight change, through the little built-in camera attached to the litter box. This will make you aware of your little cat’s overall health without taking it to the vet. This device comes loaded with many more specifications and features. 

Out of 10 severe illnesses in cats, around seven can be observed through the litter of cats. Stool analysis in cats also becomes vital to diagnose any kidney-related ailment or any other disease. Hence, it is imperative to keep a check on your cat’s bowel movements. LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box does this work exactly, keeping you on the loop regarding any issues with your cat’s health. 

Let us now look at some of the LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box features before looking at how it works. Some of the unique features of the LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box are listed below. 

LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box – Features

  1. It comes with a built-in stool and urine image recognition that analyzes the cat’s deposits to check the cat’s overall health. It uses infrared sensors and AI chips to process information of the stool or litter. 
  2. The AI image restoration technology enables the device to look for abnormalities in the cat’s body well in advance. 
  3. The device measures the litter’s frequency, the weight of the litter, and, most importantly, the condition of the litter (normal, diarrhoea, or constipated) to judge the overall health condition of the cat. 
  4. This device can detect and analyze what type of droppings your cat does and what is deficient in them. For example, the AI device can predict from its weight whether the cat is too far or requires more food and water to eat. Isn’t that just amazing! 
  5. This AI-based device also has a database of your cat’s excrement and compares it to the current excrement every time your cat uses the Litter Box. It then analyses whether everything is normal or not. 
  6. The device analyses the health report of your cat and then notifies you with any abnormal activities to take your cat to the vet, and the cat can have early treatment. 
  7. LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box is also perhaps one of the smartest gadgets out there as it can detect the health problems of more than one cat. This implies that even if you have more than one pet cat at your home, you can still get information about both the cat’s bowel movements. 
  8. If you have more than one pet cat, the device can easily distinguish between the different cats and give you a full detail of each cat’s health report. It can detect and distinguish up to 12 cats. Told you! It’s the smartest pet litter box out there! 
  9. LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box uses the Internet of Things, AI, and cloud data analysis on its litter box to analyze and examine your cat’s health issues. 
  10. The app that has to be downloaded for this device informs the pet owner when it is the best time to seek medical treatment for the cat, making the owner’s life much more comfortable. 

How LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box is different from the rest

  • It is globally original and easy to recognize. 
  • It is equipped with the best technologies to monitor the health data of your cat. 
  • It gives an instant reminder of any information related to the health of your cat. It has a database of the age, breed, and lifestyle of your cat, so any abnormality arises, it notifies you instantly. 
  • It realizes precision medicine. LuluPet has been developed in cooperation with Taichung Xingwang Animal Hospital that supports
  • It supports multi-cat recognition. 

This amazing device was presented in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January, where it received the CES 2020 Honoree Award for its intelligence and smartness. With today’s busy life and complexity, you might be guilty of not making regular visits to the vet. With this device, you can easily stay updated with your cat’s health in the comfort of your homes. 

So how exactly does this device work? 

Well, here’s how it works. The cat walks into the semi-enclosed AI-based litter box to relieve itself. The sensors and the built-in camera starts working inside the litter box. There is an application that the owners need to download on their phones. The device analyses the litter, creates a health report and sends the report to the application for the owner to look into it. 

Every time there’s anything, the app will notify you of any new developments of your cat’s health. The built-in camera is situated in such a way that the cat cannot mingle with it, so you can rest assured of its credibility. This way, you can continue with the hustle and bustle of your daily life while also keeping a check on your cat’s health. 

What distinguishes LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box from other litter boxes is that it is the first to detect any health-related issues of the cat’s. All litter boxes are typically aimed at automatic cleanup and reducing the odor of the cat’s deposits. But this Smart Litter Box helps in improving the overall health of the cat. The price of the device is 99 USD & 499 USD (a monthly subscription for stool examination after 1 month) as per the announcement made by James WU, Founder of Lulupetwhile launching it at CES 2020. Lulupet is planned to be launched in the USA, Netherlands & Japan as of now.

So that’s about it! This device will truly change the way you take care of your cat and help diagnose any health ailment of your cat. So, stay tuned with us on further updates. AI is now taking care of your pet cat also, so if you have liked this blog please like and share and also comment in case of any queries!


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