Leka – An Amazing & Smart Toy for Children with Developmental Disabilities

The major criticism of the Tech Industry these days is that it produces innovative products to solve trivial issues or serve as our entertainment. Techies and scientists do not often work on technologies that can serve humanity. But with the introduction of Leka Smart Toy, we finally have a device that improves children’s developmental problems. The smart toy helps in better excellent motor skills, visual cues, and social skills in them. The Leka Smart Toy costs between 700 USD to 800 USD and one can preorder it now.

Leka The Company

Leka is a developer of smart and small educational toy robots. These toys are to educate children suffering from developmental disabilities. The little educational toys produced by this French startup come packed with tweakable sensory-stimulations along with sound & color vibrations, emotions, and movements. These features help in engaging a child in social activities. At the same time, the toys track the progress of the children and initiate their social interaction. Such devices are helpful to improve motor, cognitive and emotional qualities.

What is Leka – The Smart Toy for Children with Developmental Disabilities?

Leka is a smart toy launched by French startup – Leka is a small round shaped robot similar to Star Wars’ BB-8. Rather, surprising us with little tricks, Leka has a mission. Its mission is to help children learn better and communicate with others having developmental disabilities and autism.

The Leka is ideal for use for children with ages from 3 and more. The device is equipped with wireless charging, and with heavy usage, the battery lasts for about 3 hours. The device, which was also showcased at CES, 2017, is made for schools and institutions dealing with autism and developmental disabilities.  

According to the makers, Leka helps in reducing severe developmental disabilities in children and helps overcome social obstacles to continue learning at their own pace. Developmental disabilities cause problems in doing regular interaction with others and taking social cues. Such disabilities also hamper learning in a traditional environment; here comes Leka’s role, which acts as an intermediary.

How does Leka work?

Along with an app, Leka is loaded with many learning activities. It comprises in-built sensors to detect a child’s interaction and respond to it. The toy emits lights with a very calming effect and also includes a multiplayer fun game for family and friends to join in for some fun.

The interactive responses of Leka help children with developmental disabilities in many ways –  

  • Understand social and visual cues better.
  • The multiplayer games help children to improve their social skills to socialize.

Leka illuminates with brilliant LEDs, plays music and makes a sound in anthropomorphic fashion, and produces fine vibrations. It contains a screen too, displaying the facial expressions and can likewise be utilized to show photographs and videos. It’s primary purpose is to play various games related to education. These games are interactive and instructive. Leka can be tweaked to change the stimulation and interaction level for children with different needs.

Some games are very simple, like asking a child to figure out the color of an object or the object itself. The others include giving the child direction to act on social cues and interacting with an adult who is conducting the session. Thus Leka is a dependable device for those children suffering from developmental disabilities. 

According to Ladislas de Toldi, co-founder and CEO of Leka, such learning toys planned for improving cognitive ability can cost plenty. So the organization feels the price of about 700 to 800 USD for the smart toy is reasonable.

So, if your child, unfortunately, is having developmental disabilities, no more worries, this AI-powered smart toy can solve the problem. Stay tuned with AI Gadgets Blog for more such helpful reviews. Do like and share if you love our content.

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