Cubo AI Plus Vs Nanit Pro: Find The Best Smart Baby Monitor

If you are confused to choose the better option between the Cubo AI Plus and Nanit Pro, this comparison guide of Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro will help you. Both are smart baby monitoring systems, and finding out the better one isn’t too easy for anyone. So, we bring a comprehensive comparison of Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro. Let’s shift your focus here.

Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor

The Cubo AI Plus is a smart baby monitor that tells you when your child is moving, crying, or if a blanket is covering their face. It also has sharp 1080p video and clear two-way audio, as well as sleep analytics to help you understand your baby’s sleeping habits. Environmental sensors monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your child’s room.

Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor


  • Sharp image quality
  • Clean two-way audio
  • Crying and rollover alerts
  • Sleep analytics
  • Temperature and humidity sensors


  • Pricey
  • Some features require a subscription
  • Doesn’t support IFTTT
  • Humidity readings were slightly off in testing

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

The new Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System replaces those smart baby monitors while also improving the camera and the app/service. The camera resolution has been slightly increased, and night vision has improved. But the big addition is the ability to use the system to measure your child’s growth.

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor


  • Sharp camera quality (up to 1080p) and night vision
  • Tracks breathing and growth
  • Excellent app
  • Built-in night-light


  • Expensive accessories
  • Sleep data requires paid subscription after one year
  • Weak speaker
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Comparison Guide of Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro

Cubo AI Plus and Nanit Pro have one thing in common, both are Wi-Fi-connected smart baby monitors. They allow you to watch your baby via your smartphone. So, what are the main differences between Cubo AI Plus and Nanit Pro? Here, we will compare everything.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro: Pricing

There are two variations of the Cubo AI Plus. The $199 version includes a wall-mount set that enables you to position the camera for a bird’s-eye view over your baby’s crib. A three-stand set is available in a $299 edition with options for mounting the camera to a floor base, the crib itself, or a portable stand. A free year of Cubo AI Care Premium subscription service includes an age-based moments wall in addition to 30 days of sleep tracking and analysis.

The Nanit Pro starts at $299 and includes a wall mount and a breathing band for monitoring your child’s breathing. The addition of a floor stand raises the price to $379. However, the complete Nanit Pro Monitoring System starts at $379 that includes a Smart Sheet to track your child’s growth. If you buy a floor stand, it raises the price by $70. After a free year, Nanit Insights costs $5 per month or $50 per year.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro: Design

The Cubo Ai Plus’s bird design is exactly the kind of adorable tech you’d want in your baby’s room. It has a microphone and a built-in speaker inside. So, you can talk to your baby or play lullabies or white noise directly from the bird.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro : Design

There is a light on the back of the bird that pulses during setup and emits a steady glow when operational, but you can turn it off entirely in the app settings. The lack of red light for night vision is a plus if you have a sensitive sleeper.

The camera can pivot up and down but not side to side. As it offers to connect different parts separately, you can easily carry it while travelling. You can also control the Cubo AI Plus through an app available on Android and iOS.

Every generation of Nanit Baby Monitor has a virtually identical appearance. And, Nanit Pro is intended to be placed over your infant’s crib or bassinet. So, it can see the inside and a little bit of the outside. A wall mount, a floor stand, or a tabletop multi-stand can all be used to position the camera.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro : Design

The floor stand has three legs, but you can remove one so you can push it up against a wall and use the weight of a crib to hold it there. To prevent little hands from pulling cords, both the wall mount and the floor stand have excellent cable management.

You can designate them as an admin or just a viewer. This feature is useful for providing to babysitters or even distant family members, as each user can be set as a caregiver with their view of the crib. The companion app for Nanit, which is available for iOS and Android, efficiently leads users through a quick setup process.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro: Camera

The Cubo AI Plus camera captures 1080p HD video with a 135-degree wide-angle lens. Mounting it to the various provided docks is simple, as the bird has a silver tab on the back that fits into a slit that stabilises it on various bases. Filling a heavy-duty plastic water bag and placing it inside the plastic-formed round base is intended to stabilise the floor stand.

The strap had become loose and had fallen to the bottom of the crib slat within days. As a result, we recommend installing the Cubo AI Plus wall mount. The latter option doesn’t provide enough straight-down view for Cubo’s excellent alerts for covered face or rolling over. However, danger zone alerts continue to function normally in this configuration.

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The 1080p camera on the Nanit Pro is a minor improvement over the 960p camera on the Nanit Plus. Both cameras provide high-quality streaming images. During the day, the view is vibrant and colourful, and it appears that night vision has improved, which is surprising given that the Nanit Pro camera has fewer infrared LEDs than the previous model. However, switching to night vision produces no clicks as the infrared turn on and off.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro: Features

You will find several similar features and differences as well. Check out all the features in the table given below.

TopicCubo AI Plus Smart Baby MonitorNanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor
Dimension3.43 x 4.29 x 4.37 inches3.3 x 3.5 x 1 inches
Weight9.9 Ounces1 pound
Camera Pan & TiltNoNo
Built-in LullabiesYesYes
Camera Lens FeaturesThe field of view for Cubo AI Plus lenses is 135 degrees.The field of view for Nanit Pro lenses is 130 degrees.
Video ResolutionCubo AI Plus sports 1080p HD image resolutionNanit Pro also sports 1080p HD image resolution
Split ScreenNoNo
Metrics TrackedMonitor a baby’s sleep pattern
Track a baby’s sound
Detect a baby’s cry
Monitor room temperate and humidity
Monitor a baby’s sleep pattern
Track a baby’s sound
Detect a baby’s cry
Track a baby’s breathing
Monitor room temperate and humidity
Recording and PlaybackCapable of recording and playback but offers 18 hours of a time limitCapable of recording and playback but offers 2 days of a time limit
Type of AlertsSend push notifications to your smartphone even if the screen is off.

Offer VOX feature (voice and movement activation)

Receive push notification while baby’s mouth and nose are covered, baby rolls over, baby is sleeping face down, and the child enters a motion detection zone.
Send push notifications to your smartphone even if the screen is off.

Offer VOX feature (voice and movement activation)

Gives an alert when it doesn’t detect the baby’s breathing motion.
Power SourceRequired to plug into the wall at all timesRequired to plug into the wall at all times
Mounting TypeComes with two types of mounts, either mount the monitor on the crib or free stand on the floor.Comes with a stand that helps to mount the monitor against the wall. You can purchase a multi-stand to place the monitor on a desk.
SubscriptionYes, optionalYes, optional

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro: Mobile App

The Cubo AI Plus mobile app (Android and iOS) opens to a home screen with a video panel showing a live stream and a smaller lullaby panel below it. To view the feed in full-screen mode, tap the video panel. You’ll then see a sliding timeline of captured motion and sound events at the bottom, along with buttons for two-way talk, manual recording, and snapshots. Temperature and humidity readings are displayed at the top of the screen.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro

The bottom of the home screen contains four buttons. The Home button returns you to the app’s main screen, and the Sleep Analytics button displays your child’s sleep pattern reports. The Notifications button shows a timeline of all motion, crying, temperature, and humidity events, along with video thumbnails. And, the Settings button will take you to a screen where you can create a profile for your baby, share access to the Cubo AI Plus with friends and family, turn on and off the nightlight, edit Wi-Fi settings, and turn on and off the status LED.

The app allows you to turn a Nanit Pro camera stream on and off, but this does not turn off the camera completely; the night vision infrared LEDs remain active. In addition to two-way audio, the app can be used to play nature sounds through the camera, such as birds, waves, white noise, and wind, though they don’t sound great over the tinny integrated speaker. We like that you can listen to what the camera is recording even if you turn off the app.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro

Your phone won’t go into standby while you’re watching the stream because the app has a night mode that reduces the light of the screen. This is a lifesaver if you keep your phone by your bed at night for monitoring purposes. Using a Local View option over your home Wi-Fi, there is also ongoing monitoring even if your internet connection is lost.

Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro: Verdict

For parents who want to keep an eye on their baby’s sleeping patterns and receive notifications when their child is crying or rolling around in the crib or out of the crib, and approaching a dangerous area, the Smart Baby Monitoring system is the best option.

Cubo AI Plus is a popular smart baby monitor with an adorable bird design. The families could benefit from its main alert settings. Whereas Nanit Pro has a higher starting price, and the additional subscription fees may be off-putting to parents. Overall, both offer nearly similar features.

In this comparison of Cubo AI Plus vs Nanit Pro, we have discussed all the aspects. Now the choice is yours. Which one will you prefer? Let us know in the comments below. If you have anything to ask, feel free to ask in the comment section. Please share this article with others and thanks for reading.!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Cubo AI Plus worth it?

The Cubo AI Plus’s video and sound are comparable to other similarly priced monitors, and the app is adequate, except for watching back video moments from overnight.

2) Can you use Cubo AI Plus without a subscription?

Yes, you can. Aside from Sleep Analytics, Covered Face/Rollover Detection, Auto Photo Capture, and other AI functions, you can use the Cubo AI Plus without a subscription.

3) Is Nanit being discontinued?

The original Nanit has been discontinued. But there are other Nanit versions available for purchase.

4) Is the Nanit Pro worth it?

Nanit Pro is the superior, albeit more expensive, choice due to its superior image quality, birds-eye mounting setup, intuitive user experience, and Nanit Insights.

5) Can you use Nanit Pro without a subscription?

Yes, you can use Nanit Pro without a subscription. Nanit Pro users have access to a live view from any location, real-time sound and motion notifications, background music, temperature and humidity, two-way audio, white noise, and nature sounds, as well as up to three users with customizable permissions.

6) Is Nanit a Chinese company?

Nanit is an American Start-up Technology that creates baby monitor devices that are linked via a mobile app.

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