CES 2022 Convocation: World’s Largest Electronics Expo in January

Watching CES 2021 conference online was a specific experience. And, it’s happy to see CES 2022 Convocation return to Las Vegas and will be covered remotely.

On January 5, CES 2022 will bring many new devices from all the major companies in the industry. Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impact on international travel and expected to be a more subdued show. The CTA said all attendees must do COVID-19 PCR tests before entering the venue. But, CES 2022 Convocation wouldn’t stop. Many companies like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Microsoft, and Google canceled their plan to present physically. Seventy-five companies have canceled out, whereas 60 new companies added in CES 2022, and it runs from Wednesday, January 5 to Friday, January 7 in Las Vegas.

CES 2022 Convocation

The Digital CES 2022 Convocation allows people from all over the world to connect. We’ll see new laptops, smartphones, wearables, headphones, and cutting-edge TV technology from manufacturing companies like LG, Samsung, and Sony. According to the latest CES 2022 news, we are going to see

  • The Smart Mirror – Answer all your questions and music.
  • LG – OLED.EX TVs, rotating easy chair, flexible OLED to a wild
  • Jabra Elite 4 – ideal running earbuds
  • Microsoft leaves CES 2022 and joins the conga line of companies.
  • Samsung – HDR+ gaming displays, QLED TVs
  • Kura Gallium – AR headsets
  • AMD – phenomenal a next-generation Zen 4 CPUs

CES 2022 Convocation Date and Time

CES 2022 runs from Wednesday, January 5, to Friday, January 7. You can visit the different booths as long as the floor is kept open, and you should have fully vaccinated. The show floor will be available from 10 am PST to 6 pm PST on Wednesday. Then, the exhibition will continue from 9 am PST to 6 pm PST on Thursday and Friday. On Friday, January 7, CES 2022 will start to wrap up at 4 pm PST. (The time difference between PST and IST is 1 hour, i.e., 10 am PST = 11 am IST)

What will we see in CES 2022 Convocation?

We can see many new devices from a lot of companies with some innovative and technical ideas. Manufacturing companies like LG, Samsung, Sony, Intel, and many more disclosed their all-new upcoming devices and technologies. Let’s take an overall look at the devices.

LG at CES 2022 Convocation

LG is promising to open a booth with helpful guides and several AR and VR experiences at CES 2022. It’s not sure that how many 2022’s products will be displayed. In a teaser video of EGOT promises of an event, ‘LG World Premier,’ where we will see LG’s line of weird and movable TVs, new laptops, and a new powerful gaming laptop for the first time. The LG 17G90Q comes with a 17-inch screen, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Max-Q graphics card and more exciting features that won the CES 2022 innovation award. We will see the following devices from LG in CES 2022 Convocation.

  • Flexible OLED to a wild and rotating easy chair.
  • Bring a gaming laptop for the first time.
  • Dolby Atmos Soundbar with better clarity.
  • Indoor gardening fridge – comes out like The Martian.
  • New 4K monitors – charge up the work from home setup.
  • Unveil the weirdest OLED and LED-LCD TVs.

Samsung at CES 2022 Convocation

Samsung has a lot of things in a similar range, starting from smartphones to TVs to appliances at CES 2022. It’s expected from Samsung to offer several new 4K and 8K Neo QLED TVs similar to the last year’s excellent models like Samsung QN90A and QN900A. Also, we are waiting to see some of its mid-range phones, including the long-delayed Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and upcoming flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S22.

Sony at CES 2022 Convocation

It’s always tough to nail down the devices of Sony on CES convocation. Previously, they had represented a concept car, an animatronic dog, and so on. That’s why you never know what Sony will have this year.

From the audio department of Sony, it’s going to bring a new lineup of digital media players, i.e., Walkmans, One or two pairs of premium headphones, and some wireless speakers. It is expected to see at least three to four new 4K and 8K Sony TVs. However, Sony doesn’t show off much about its camera. Will we see the PlayStation VR 2 at CES 2022? Maybe not, but keep your eyes peeled to get surprised by Sony.

INTEL at CES 2022 Convocation

Intel’s biggest expectation is to reveal its new Alder Lake CPUs at CES 2022. We expect the launch of some of the flagship enthusiasts’ silicon in November. But, those might be a high-end desktop chips. In CES 2022 convocation, the audience might see Alder Lake chips making as the mobile computing segment. The big.LITTLE architecture would significantly boost the energy efficiency in Laptops. The new Alder Lake chips might leave the Apple M1X and M1 processors behind, along with AMD’s Zen 3 chips.

Panasonic at CES 2022 Convocation

Usually, Panasonic announced two significant updates, i.e., new OLED TV and headphones at CES. In 2022, Panasonic could change it and surprise us with something new and different. But, the rest of the announcement from Panasonic will likely come during IFA 2022.

Hisense at CES 2022 Convocation

Hisense never launched many products like Sony, Samsung, LG, and other big companies at CES. However, it’s worth visiting the booth in Las Vegas. We’re expecting another lineup of Google TV-toting smart TVs from Hisense for the UK and some new laser TVs for the USA this year. You will also find some super-futuristic display technology at Hisense’s booth. Most of these are either conceptual or exclusive in the Chinese market.

Hisense's European Sales Revenue Surges to 113%, Successfully Strengthen  European Competitive Position and Profitability | Business Wire

TCL at CES 2022 Convocation

TCL will offer a launchpad for its new products coming out earlier but get delayed. Apart from that, we will see an exciting range of flexible-screen devices, TVs, phones, and other gadgets from TCL at the CES 2022 convocation.

TCL Technology - Wikipedia

TVs from TCL are just like bread and butter. Following up on the TCL 6-series 8K TV, we expect to see a new 6-Series Mini LED TV. In recent few years, TCL has started to launch phones with their brand, and it’s expected to see the launch of the TCL 20 and TCL 30 series. Also, TCL Tabs and tablets are predicted to launch.

Prediction from AI-Gadget-Blog

Besides all the launches from the particular companies, AI-Gadget-Blog predicts the launch of some smartphones, cameras, wearables, and innovative home accessories. Does this prediction fits well or not. Let’s wait for the convocation.

Smartphones in CES 2022 Convocation

CES isn’t, but MWC (Mobile World Congress) is a stage for upcoming smartphones. However, some brands choose CES for debuting their new handsets. It includes most of the flagship-level smartphones. In comparison, mid-range and budget-friendly smartphones are usually saved for Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February.

Why are smartphones so hard to put down? | Brains On

As previously mentioned, Samsung and TCL would bring their flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, TCL 20, and 30 series this year. Also, it’s expected to have pricier Samsung mid-range smartphones following up the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72. Even Motorola can show Moto G phones like in past years. At the same time, we’re expecting non-traditional, especially flexible-display phones like LG Rollable and TCL Rollable, similar to the CES 2021. However, neither has reached the market.

Cameras in CES 2022 Convocation

In recent years, the camera world has sharpened increasingly shunned CES convocation that doesn’t mean to get surprised with some reveals like previous year’s Sony Air-peak drone. We’re expecting to see Canon EOS R5c in early 2022 following its predecessor Canon EOS R5. According to the rumors, it will offer a video-focused version and active cooling to overcome the overheating issues of the R5.

The 5 Best Cameras For Beginners - Winter 2022: Reviews - RTINGS.com

Apart from the traditional cameras, the action camera maker Insta360 will introduce big at CES like before. So, it’s possible to see a new modular One R system this year. The stage of CES is ideal for new photographers with their innovative tech like the Pixii Camera shake. Moreover, with some VR captured front, Canon’s new 3D VR lens might be a new trend in CES 2022.

Smart Home Accessories in CES 2022 Convocation

Touchless tech was a big highlight at CES 2021. Kohler’s kitchen faucet for water dispensing by placing a hand in front of it, Arlo’s video doorbell for giving alert while someone is going to push the doorbell or standing on the doorstep. We expect to see more touchless tech gadgets during this ongoing global pandemic at CES 2022.

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Some primary smart home devices like home security cameras with more intelligent AI give better resolutions and notify unwanted motions. A plethora of robot vacuums with better suction is expected to come with AI-enabled to navigate your home and avoid obstacles like socks, charging cables, keys, and so on small things.

Wearable in CES 2022 Convocation

Most fitness-tracking brands like Fitbit and Garmin host their product launch events for every product instead of revealing it at CES Convocation. But, it doesn’t mean Fitbit will be totally out of CES 2022. Owned by Google, Fitbit is working to bring Fitbit Apps and celebrated for WearOS – the operating system of its smartwatch.

Traditionally, CES is used to showcase new WearOS watches from the companies like Skagen, Suunto, and Withings. As they all show the latest Google-powered devices, it’s an eye-catching moment to see how the Fitbit integration will work on a smartwatch. Besides this, some other fitness trackers are expected to launch.

Commoditized Wearables | TechCrunch

At CES 2021, a UK-based DNA Band revealed an uncommon watch. It uses saliva to derive data from providing customized advice during groceries shopping. So, we need to keep a close eye on the start-ups to see some weird and beautiful wearables like previous that attract an investor’s attention.

There is a change in the booth of Amazon and Fitbit in CES to launch new devices and keep the insights hidden behind a paywall. It makes the possibility for the appearance of ‘fitness tracking service.’ At CES 2022 Convocation, we might get a free fitness tracker needed a monthly subscription to see your health data.

Last Words on CES 2022 Convocation

Returning to Las Vegas, the CES 2022 Convocation will display the next-level innovation and the economy from tomorrow. It’s full of excitement, connections, and spontaneity. Are you excited about CES 2022 Convocation or not? Comment below.

AI-Gadget-Blog hopes you are excited to experience such convocation again this January. Categories like vehicle tech, smart home gadgets, space tech, food tech, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and start-ups are growing and emerging. That’s all for now. Comment whether you like it or not. If you don’t want anything, then also comment. So, it can be improved next time as we are looking forward to it.

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