BIC AI-Smart Shaver that comes loaded with promising features!

What is BIC?

BIC AI Smart Shaver

The BIC is a brand that aims to create a product to answer its customers’ fundamental needs. This company started with the manufacturing of effortless and smooth writing objects. Today the brand is evolving and creating essential, iconic; sustainable products made simply and creatively for its customers. It enhances the daily life of its customers by designing and manufacturing simple solutions empowering self-expression.

BIC’s product provides easy solutions to the regular everyday needs of its customers. The company decided to design or manufacture what is essential or used in everyone’s daily life. The company designs and manufactures products that are simple to use, yet reliable and provides a solution for something that we all do.

BIC adapts and develops its product according to the change in the daily needs of the people. Its research and development team respond to the recently identified specific needs of the people.

On 6th January 2020, BIC announced “The Next BIC Thing,” a new collaborated platform that will thorough its focus on customer’s insight by bringing them directly to BIC’s Innovation Research and Development (R & D) process.

The BIC Smart Shaver with AI-Enabled Razor

BIC AI Smart Shaver
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The BIC Smart shaver gives more information that one ever has had before about their shaving. The BIC, in partnership with Invoxia, a global leader in designing and development of connected devices, has launched this AI Wet Shaver, on 29th January 2020, which is much more than it appears to be.

It may look like a regular 5 blade razor, but it is a lot more. It can capture data while shaving. One can get the information about his hair’s temperature and density, speed of shaving, and amount of water used while shaving. The razor connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and sustains a battery life up to 2 weeks. The razor and the base are water-resistant and hold a rating up to IP68 & IP64 respectively. An app will be provided for free to manage the razor on both iOS & Android platforms. The razor receives all information and updates through Bluetooth.

AI is expected to help the shaver and the user with information like – water temperature, the humidity of the room, the extent of hair density, etc. Moreover, one can also track the bluntness of the razor’s blades, several strokes made while going through one’s daily shaving routine. The razor obtains information, sends it to the cloud, where an AI software analyses it to provide the user with these details with the help of an app designed by Invoxia. This product has got 9.8 ratings out of 10 though it is only open to the product testers. The product is not released yet for purchase online.


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