5 Best Websites to Learn Artificial Intelligence

In recent times AI has become a trendy topic. Hence, more and more people are deciding to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence. A few years ago, very few people knew about this outstanding niche, but it gained immense popularity with time.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the top five websites that offer Artificial Intelligence courses. So all AI interested readers can go through this article thoroughly to gather valuable knowledge on Artificial Intelligence.

However, before moving deeper into this article, we would like to explain what Artificial Intelligence is. So, all interested readers go through this article and learn about the AI courses offered by top AI learning websites.

What is Artificial Intelligence?     

Artificial Intelligence is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It can also be defined as the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think like humans.

Now we will move into the main part of this article as we have already explained to the readers what Artificial Intelligence is.

Most Popular Websites for learning Artificial Intelligence


Coursera.org is an extremely popular website that offers various courses, out of which you will also find essential Artificial Intelligence courses.

Some popular AI courses offered by Coursera.org

1) AI for Everyone

Through this course, Coursera.org tries to teach the students about the language of AI and what Artificial Intelligence realistically can do. It also helps to build an AI strategy within the company and even teaches how to work with an AI team. 

This is a non-technical course, but engineers can easily opt for this course if they want. More than 450,000 students have enrolled for this course, out of that 44% have started a new career, and 12% got a pay increase or promotion.

“AI for Everyone” is a 100% online course, so users can quickly complete it from their comfortable locations. It takes about six hours to complete this course, and on completion, you will get a valid certificate. 

This course is taught in English, but users will get subtitles of various languages. Due to this reason, people from all countries and languages can easily opt for this course. “AI for Everyone” is a free AI course.

2) Neural Networks and Deep Learning

This course is specially designed for Deep Learning engineers. It is a part of a 5-course series of Deep Learning specialization. This course mainly teaches about the major technology trends that drive Deep Learning. 

This course also gives an idea about critical parameters in a neural network’s architecture. It also teaches how to implement efficient neural networks.

Over 700,000 people have enrolled for this course, out of which 39% have started a new career after completing this course, and 11% got a promotion or pay increase. Just like the previous Coursera.org course, this one is also an online course. 

Neural Networks and Deep learning course comes with flexible deadlines so you can finish this course as per your preference. On average, it takes 20 hours to complete, and after the completion of this course, you will get a valid certificate from Coursera.org. 

Like other courses of Coursera.com, Neural Networks and Deep Learning are also taught in English, but users get different language subtitles. As a result, people from all countries can quickly learn this course.

3) Machine Learning

As the name suggests, this course is regarding Machine language. Machine language is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. In the past few decades, Machine language has given humankind self-driving cars, effective web search, and vastly improved understanding of the human genome.

This course will help you to learn about the most effective machine learning techniques. Furthermore, you will also learn data mining along with statistical pattern recognition. Machine Learning is an online course, so you can easily attend the classes directly from your house.

This course has flexible deadlines, so you can chalk out your time and learn this course as per your preference. Approximately, this course takes 54 hours to complete. You will get a certificate after completing this course, that you can download and utilize anywhere.

4) Udacity.com

Udacity.com is a popular education website that offers Artificial Intelligence courses and various other courses related to different topics. 

Udacity.com always works with leading professional companies to impart knowledge about how technology is transforming industries. Udacity.com even tries to teach about the primary technical skills that companies are looking for in their workforce.

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Some popular AI courses offered by Udacity.com

1) Knowledge-Based AI: Cognitive Systems by Georgia Tech

This is a core Artificial Intelligence course covering structured knowledge representations. It also teaches knowledge-based methods of problem-solving, learning, planning, and decision making. This course revolves around three primary learning goals.

Firstly, this course teaches the concept, methods, and prominent issues in knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence. Secondly, it teaches the specific skills and abilities needed to apply those concepts to the design of knowledge-based AI agents.

Furthermore, from this course, you will also learn the relationship between knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence and the study of human cognition. Students require an advanced skill level to complete this course successfully.

This is a comparatively lengthy course and hence requires approximately seven weeks to complete. “Knowledge-Based AI: Cognitive Systems by Georgia Tech” is divided into nine separate lessons.

2) Intro to Artificial Intelligence

This is an entry-level course that will introduce you to the basics of Artificial Intelligence. The main topics that you will learn in this course are machine learning, robotics, probabilistic reasoning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Just like the other Udacity course, this one is also free. From this course, you will mainly learn about the basics of modern AI, along with some of the typical Artificial Intelligence applications.

This course is divided into two lessons. “Intro to Artificial Intelligence” is a comparatively long course, so you will need approximately four months to complete.

3) Udemy.com

Udemy.com is the leading global marketplace for learning different courses, including courses related to Artificial Intelligence. It can also be defined as an online course platform that offers more than 100,000 courses.

Some popular AI courses offered by Udemy.com

1) Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learn How To Build An AI

In this course, the students are taken through the practical steps necessary to build machines that solve several real-world AI problems, such as driving a car or playing a game. 

Moreover, with the help of this course, students also come to know about Q-Learning. Q-Learning is a form of machine learning based on reinforcement learning, which is gaining in popularity in cutting-edge applications.

This course is divided into 19 different sections, which can be covered in 118 lectures. Approximately a student will require 16 and a half hours to complete this course. This is a comparatively easy AI course, but to complete it successfully, users need Basic Python knowledge.

2) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: AI for beginners

This course mainly revolves around the primary characteristic of Artificial Intelligence, fuzzy logic, Neural Networks, and Genetic Algorithms. It also discusses the future possibilities of AI technology. This course is divided into five different sections, which takes nearly one and a half hours to complete.

To complete this course successfully, you will need Basic Math Knowledge. Moreover, you should also be familiar with Computer Science. 

This course is mainly suitable for you if you are interested in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Mathematics. Moreover, this course will also be suitable for you if you are interested in Technology, Science, or Programming. 

Another essential aspect of this course is that you will also get to know about the history of Artificial Intelligence.

3) EdX.org

EdX.org provides exceptional online courses through which they try to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, enhance teaching & learning on campus, or online. Furthermore, they also try to share advanced teaching and learning.

Some popular AI courses offered by EdX.org

1) Artificial Intelligence at Columbia University

This is a lengthy course, so you will require 12 weeks to complete. This Columbia University course will help you to get a clear idea about the fundamental concept of Artificial Intelligence.

Moreover, this course will provide a broad understanding of the basic techniques for building intelligent computer systems and an understanding of how Artificial Intelligence is applied to solve problems.

Within this course, you will also learn about the history of AI, intelligent agents, and state-space problem representations. Furthermore, it also teaches about uninformed and heuristic search, game playing, logical agents, and constraint satisfaction problems.

However, before opting for this course, you must make sure that you have basic knowledge about Python programming along with an understanding of probability. This course is free, but you need to pay $249 for acquiring a valid certificate.

2) Machine Learning at Georgia Tech

Machine Learning at Georgia Tech is a free AI course. However, you have to pay $99 if you want a certificate at the end of the course. Within this course, you will learn about statistical supervised and unsupervised learning methods. 

Within this course, you will also learn about randomized search algorithms, Bayesian learning methods, and reinforcement learning. 

Moreover, this course also covers theoretical concepts like inductive bias, the PAC & Mistake‐bound learning frameworks, minimum description length principle, and Ockham’s razor. 

After completing this course successfully, you will surely develop a strong understanding of machine learning.

This is a reasonably long course, so you will require nearly 14 weeks to complete it successfully. The certificate which you will get after the completion of this course can be easily shared on LinkedIn, and if you want, you can even add it with your CV or resume.

3) Springboard.com

Springboard.com offers several essential courses through which students get the opportunity to develop job-ready skills. Students receive guidance from industry mentors, Springboard’s resident advisors, and an extensive alumni community.

Popular Artificial Intelligence course offered by Springboard.com

1) AI & Machine Learning Engineering Career Track

This top-class Artificial Intelligence course is wholly related to AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. Moreover, this course will also help you to learn about unsupervised learning, natural language processing, and ML algorithms.

It is divided into nine separate units, followed by a capstone project and career advice. To complete this course successfully, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and also have two years of working experience.  

Unlike some of the above mentioned Artificial Intelligence courses, the “AI & Machine Learning Engineering Career Track” course is not free. So, in order to learn this course, you need to pay Rs 1,95,000.

My Take Finally

As promised at the beginning of this article, we have given detailed information about the best websites to learn Artificial Intelligence courses. So, readers must go through the entire article thoroughly and eventually select the best Artificial Intelligence course as per their preference.


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