11 Best Artificial Intelligence Games in 2023 You Can Play

If you are looking for the best artificial intelligence games, this article is for you. In the gaming industry, artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly important and productive. AI is also used to improve game assets, behaviours, and settings in a variety of ways. In today’s article, we will tell you about AI gaming, and the best artificial intelligence games you can enjoy in 2023. So, stick to the end.

Best Artificial Intelligence Games: What is AI Gaming?

Some experts believe that AI gaming is the most effective which isn’t immediately obvious. AI games come in a variety of forms every year. Each type of game will use AI differently. The responses and actions of non-playable characters are almost certainly controlled by artificial intelligence. It is essential because these characters must demonstrate human-like competence.

Previously, AI was used to forecast your next best move. In this day and age, artificial intelligence improves the visuals of your game and solves gameplay issues. AI games, on the other hand, are not dependent on artificial intelligence. As a result of game development research, AI technologies have advanced significantly.

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Gaming

The ultimate goal of AI in gaming is to improve the playing experience for players. It is especially important now that game developers are creating games for a variety of devices. Gaming has progressed beyond the option of a console or a desktop computer.

Instead, players want immersive game experiences on a variety of mobile and wearable devices, such as smartphones and VR headsets. AI allows developers to create console-like experiences across device types. With a market value of around 314 billion USD by 2026, the gaming industry is expected to be one of the most lucrative sectors.

AI can be applied in a variety of fields, including video games, where it is used for image enhancement, automated level creation, and situations. It can also be used to balance game complexity while giving non-playing characters intelligence.

  • Image enhancement
  • Game Level Generation
  • Scenarios & Stories
  • Balancing in-game Complexity
  • Adding intelligence to non-playing characters
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Methods used in Artificial Intelligence Games

Designers use the following non-deterministic methods in Artificial Intelligence Games.

  • Decision Trees
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Reinforcement Learning

Best Artificial Intelligence Games You Can Enjoy

Artificial intelligence games typically have simple controls. Only a select few game designers take the challenging path and aim to astound their audience by creating gameplay that goes beyond duck, flee, and fire. Here is the list of the 11 best artificial intelligence games you will love to play.


Best Artificial Intelligence Game

F.E.A.R. or First Encounter Assault Recon is a first-person shooter game. The player must contain supernatural phenomena as well as armies of cloned soldiers. It’s a shame that few people talk about the fantastic first-person shooter F.E.A.R., which had excellent gameplay and difficult adversary encounters, not to mention exceptional AI.

F.E.A.R. is the first game to use Goal Oriented Action Planning (GOAP). The GOAP AI technology-enabled opponents to act in very human-like ways, resulting in extremely memorable and entertaining shootouts. The AI-powered enemies can use the environment to their advantage, hiding behind tables, tipping bookshelves, opening doors, and so on.

Alien: Isolation

Best Artificial Intelligence Game

One of the best horror artificial intelligence games ever made is Alien: Isolation. A Xenomorph that follows the player around and attempts to obstruct their progress at every turn appears in the game.

Alien: Isolation’s sophisticated AI, which responds to player behaviour and learns from its errors, is one of the game’s most amazing features. Players had to constantly adapt on the fly and try out new escape routes from this extra-terrestrial stalker, making for a highly personalised experience.

Dark Forest

AI Gaming

Facebook created Dark Forest, an ideal Artificial Intelligence game to take the place of humans as rivals. Deep learning is used in the program, which employs a convolutional neural network. At the 2016 UEC cup, Dark Forest was also tested against a professional human player.

The updated version of the game combines its predecessor’s techniques with the Monte Carlo tree search. This type of tree search method is commonly found in chess programs. There’s a probability, statistics, and good old-fashioned strategy to think about. Machine learning evaluates and manipulates these variables. This is the most difficult AI versus human conflict to date.

Thief: The Dark Project

Best Artificial Intelligence Game

The first-person perspective game, set in the medieval/Victorian era, combines elements of a stealth game. Garret, the game’s main character, is a master thief. The AI actors reflect the ability to respond authentically to lights and sounds, which is also the primary technique upon which the game is built. In addition, AI-based NPCs use audio recordings to communicate their current state. This allows the player to understand what is happening.


AI in Game

Half-Life is one of the most creative artificial intelligence games ever created. The game popularized Half-Life and demonstrated the value of artificial intelligence in video games. When the teleportation experiments go wrong, the plot thickens. To avoid interruptions during gameplay, the game uses scripting and AI.

In the early stages of the game, the central character is accompanied by an AI security guard. During the later stages, the game also employs squad AI. Furthermore, the AI has been fine-tuned and seamlessly integrated into the plot.

AlphaGo Zero

Artificial Intelligence in Game

AlphaGo Zero, like Dark Forest, predicts actions using advanced search tree algorithms. It employs “advanced search tree” approaches, in particular. Simply put, it uses a network to determine the next move and another to predict the winner of the game.

Your AI opponents will improve after each game thanks to AI learning. Furthermore, unlike humans, it never gets tired of playing. AlphaGo has already defeated the world’s Go masters. The next challengers should step up immediately.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Best Artificial Intelligence Game

Another well-known franchise for its incredible opponent AI is the Halo series. This characteristic is one of the primary causes for the Covenant and Flood’s status as iconic foes in the Halo series. Combat Evolved, the series’ first title, marked a significant turning point for video game AI.

Over time, the Grunts, Brutes, and other similar enemies have developed distinctive strategies that are exclusive to the franchise. The AI permits the enemies to employ suppressive fire and grenades while strategically using cover. One of the most widely used technologies in the gaming industry is the underlying “behaviour tree” technology.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Best Artificial Intelligence Game

Grand Theft Auto 5 is yet another best artificial intelligence games that has advanced significantly in this area. One of the most significant games is used to show how excellent a video game can be when the AI is almost perfect. The bystanders’ reactions to the player’s input, particularly when it directly affects them, are varied and realistic thanks to the development of pedestrian AI.


Stockfish AI Game

Stockfish, a free and open-source chess engine, is available on a variety of mobile and desktop. A community of open-source developers also contributed. The program is currently ranked first or near the top of most chess engine rating lists.

Every few months, it improves and makes the system more difficult. In this game, you play chess against an AI opponent. It’s one of the most difficult artificial intelligence systems to defeat, and only a few people have succeeded.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Best AI Game

Despite being the most recent artificial intelligence game on this list, Red Dead Redemption 2 has had a significant impact on AI in video games. After all, one only needs to look at the sophisticated NPC behaviour and aggressive enemy AI to realise how sophisticated this game truly is.

Each person can come to life thanks to machine learning. Every action is a response to your decisions, and reactions are essentially real. Your clothing choices might draw a few snide comments, and you might unintentionally hurt even the smallest of animals with your weapons.

Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor

Best Artificial Intelligence Game

Without mentioning the Nemesis System’s limitless potential, any discussion of incredible AI in video games would be incomplete. One of the main reasons Shadow of Mordor is so memorable is unquestionably this particular system. One of the key factors that make Shadow of Mordor unique is without a doubt the Nemesis System.

Even though Shadow of War improved upon this system, the original game is still remembered with nostalgia. Players cannot wait to see how future games will use the Nemesis System because it is still a highly alluring concept.

Wrapping Up

The influence of AI in the gaming industry is anticipated to grow even further with new possibilities like autonomous character evolution, learning, and adaptation. The objective is to create games with agents that change over time rather than staying static.

Future NPCs may evolve during gameplay, making it more difficult for players to predict their behaviour and adding a layer of strategy to the game. With time, AI-driven games will become more complex and challenging for players to predict.

The ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence games is to offer countless narratives, worlds, challenges, realistic characters, and customizability. What do you anticipate from the upcoming Artificial Intelligence games? Let us know in the comments below. Also, share this article with your gaming lover friends. That’s all for today, stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What game has the best AI?

We have prepared a list of the best AI games where you will find the use of AI. FEAR, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5, and Thief: The Dark Project are some of them. To know the complete list, read the above article.

2) What is the smartest AI right now?

Lucid.AI is the world’s smartest and most complete general knowledge base reasoning engine.

3) Does GTA 5 use AI?

AI is an oft-overlooked feature of GTA 5 to define how memorable and exciting an AI game can be.

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