15 Best Artificial Intelligence Documentaries To Watch in 2023

If you are looking for the best artificial intelligence documentaries, this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you about the 15 best artificial intelligence documentaries. Artificial Intelligence algorithms have played a vital impact in the growth of several sectors around the world. It offers a significant level of help that society needs.

Artificial Intelligence documentaries provide a clear representation of how AI affects society. They are an excellent method to comprehend how AI implementations have resulted in major improvements that help people on many levels.

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Keep up to date on how much Artificial Intelligence has influenced the progress of the human race with so many quick advancements and changes to societal standards. An Artificial Intelligence documentary is a terrific way to stay up to date on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

Check out our list of the best artificial intelligence documentaries as well. This article will supply you with the 15 most instructive artificial intelligence documentaries.

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Best Artificial Intelligence Documentaries

Artificial Intelligence Documentaries provide a realistic overview of the fastest-growing AI technology that has excitingly integrated the world’s communication. This selection of various excellent Artificial Intelligence documentaries will provide you with an informed understanding of Artificial Intelligence and how you may use it to your advantage if you still require it. Let’s look at the best Artificial Intelligence documentaries you should watch right now!

Technocalyps (2006)

Best Artificial Intelligence Documentaries

Frank Theys’s documentary on the evolution of ever-changing technology is separated into three parts. There are clear distinctions between artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and other cyber subjects, and it includes in-depth discussions with select specialists on AI and related topics. With a simple and accessible tone, this Belgian documentary investigates transhumanism, the concept of humankind expanding beyond limitations imposed by science and technology.

Future Intelligence (2009)


Machine learning, data, and analytics? This is the watch for you! This video focuses on conveying useful knowledge about machine learning and data while also discussing how, over the years, academics have attempted and continue to attempt to build AI faster than the human intellect could possibly achieve. This documentary raises the question of whether artificial intelligence, at its best, will still aid humanity or take over with its all-powerful brain and flow of organised knowledge.

The Smartest Machine on Earth (2011)

Best Artificial Intelligence Documentaries

An IBM-developed computer named Watson, which has a brain the size of 2400 personal computers and a library of ten million databases, allows viewers of this video to explore how artificial intelligence has transformed our world. This complicated figure with incredible access to knowledge is a fantastic resource for learning more about machine learning. You’ll go on an information and intelligence rollercoaster as you watch this new AI documentary, which will contrast humanity with the “artificial” side.

Lo and Behold (2016)

Best Artificial Intelligence Documentaries

This documentary covers interviews with tech titans such as Elon Musk and Sebastian Thrun. And, with much-anticipated explanations and descriptions of the complicated and in-depth workings of AI and robotics, this show will steal your mind and place your eyes in a new perspective to look at the new digital network that is being spun all around. It is absolutely worth seeing.

AlphaGo (2016)

Alpha Go

AlphaGo depicts the trip from Cambridge to Seoul. A Chinese game, go, has been regarded as a test for AI, and in March of 2016, the worlds of Go and AI collided in South Korea during a gaming competition watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. AlphaGo depicts the narrative of a great Go master facing up against an AI challenger for the first time in history. The documentary explores what AI can teach us about humans and what it can disclose about the 3000-year-old game.

Hyper Evolution: Rise of the Robots (2017)

Hyper Evolution

This documentary provides some information about current robotics advances. It investigates the similarities between people and robots, as well as the extent to which machines can presently perform human functions.

The Rise of AI (2018)

Ashlee Vance, a journalist, investigates the beginnings of technology in Canada. This free YouTube documentary tackles some of the most pressing questions about the revolution and changes brought about by artificial intelligence. What distinguishes it is its highly successful attempts to understand what triggered the great boom of AI and how it evolved into something so extensively used.

iHuman (2019)


Jurgen Schmidhuber and Ilya Sutskeve, AI professionals, teach us about machine learning and the various changes that AI brings and is predicted to bring in society. They demonstrate how artificial intelligence can be developed and used to benefit the social and political order. Furthermore, sophisticated artificial intelligence can often be mind-boggling, but it is displayed on the screen with the utmost care for the viewers’ comprehension.

Machine (2019)


This documentary investigates numerous issues concerning artificial intelligence and its future direction in our society, as well as the existing and future possibilities of AI and the talents that computers can now hold.

Machine Learning: Living in the Age of AI (2019)

Machine Learning

This artificial intelligence documentary film discusses machine learning and the current degree to which people engage with AI technology. It provides numerous details, examples, and explanations about AI and how it affects agriculture, supports internet users, and much more.

The Age of A.I – How Far is Too Far? (2019)

Best Artificial Intelligence Documentaries

This documentary series debuted in December 2019. Robert Downey Jr. takes you on a journey through machine learning and artificial intelligence in this eight-part documentary. It demonstrates AI’s capacity to modify and disrupt the world with its ever-expanding branches and better and quicker algorithms.

HI, AI – Love Stories from the Future (2019)

Hi, AI

It is a stunning depiction of the tie humans can have with machines, delving deep into artificial intelligence. Willinger directs it, it depicts the many interactions that people can have with their counterparts and goes into detail about the advancements that artificial intelligence undergoes. This documentary also includes a discussion about robotics.

The Social Dilemma (2020)

Best Artificial Intelligence Documentaries

A recent documentary explores the serious issue of social media’s impact on our society and popular thought. In his documentary, Jeff Orlowski depicts the trend that social media can start in one’s thinking and how it impacts the mental health of youngsters. This documentary shows us a dangerously new side of technology, from AI algorithms to social media platforms, all supported by interviews with former Google, Apple, and Facebook employees.

We Need to Talk About A.I. (2020)

Talk About AI

This is one of numerous Artificial Intelligence documentaries that discuss the current state of human control over AI. It addresses the impact AI is having on our society today and how it may disrupt the political order of our lives in the future.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Our Society (2020)

This AI documentary discusses machine learning and how AI can acquire large amounts of data and gradually deliver solutions that outperform what a human can provide optimally. It also discusses the human interaction that disabled people can obtain through the use of AI prostheses and disabled persons.

Wrapping Up

These are the 15 best artificial intelligence documentaries that you should watch if you want to learn more about this technology and how it is changing the world. With the rate at which Artificial Intelligence is progressing in our society, if you want to achieve the best results in your daily tasks, you will need some knowledge of an Artificial Intelligence documentary. We hope this article will help you to find some of the best artificial intelligence documentaries. If you know some other, let us know in the comments. And, please share this article with others.

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