Is BACtrack Skyn Alcohol Monitor is good in Alcohol Monitoring?


BACtrack is one of the best leading companies in professional as well as in personal breathalyzers. Recently, they have revealed their wearable alcohol monitor “BACtrack Skyn” which is the world’s first-ever wearable alcohol monitor. BACtrack Skyn is the alcohol monitor which is completely reinvented to measure alcohol by elimination through the skin continuously.

A user can wear BACtrack Skyn as a standalone outfit or integrated with an Apple watch band on the wrist. The device connected app offers actionable and robust data. A user will get to know when the alcohol level is approaching higher and slow down or stop the drinking. This breakthrough is the best of all as the device passively and effortlessly tracks a user’s alcohol level to test alcohol, and it needs no use of a breathalyzer.

BACtrack Skyn Alcohol Monitor

BACtrack reveals two working prototypes, and that is:

  • An Apple Watch Band can be glanced with ease to watch the approximate alcohol level by the user in real-time. So, the design was created to make BACtrack Skyn Alcohol Monitor easier to wear and integrate into the daily lives of users.
  • A standalone wearable device is worn on the wrist of a user, and it will syncs with the BACtrack Skyn app on the smartphone of that user.

The BACtrack Skyn model is an improved and smaller version of the prototype in the ‘Wearable Alcohol Biosensor’ competition that received the award including with the grand prize of 200,000 dollars in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) competition in 2016. The purpose of the ‘Wearable Alcohol Biosensor’ competition was to find out an accurate, non-invasive and continuous way to measure the alcohol level in the body of the user.

bactrack skyn

Keith Nothacker, the CEO and President of BACtrack, said, “We’re excited to introduce the all-new breakthrough innovation for monitoring the alcohol in the human body. BACtrack Skyn makes the alcohol monitoring simple to track the alcohol level accurately, passively, and real-time for the users.” He concludes with, “We’re eagerly waiting to share BACtrack Skyn devices that were in processing for past more than two years. BACtrack has made its Skyn alcohol monitors a sleek, low-cost, and safety product to be used by everyone.”

How BACtrack Skyn Alcohol Monitor?

BACtrack Skyn measures the small amounts of alcohol or ethanol molecules from the emitted sweat through the skin. This measurement process is termed as Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC). Breathalyzer test provides a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) that track the amount of alcohol inhale in the blood levels at a particular time. Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC) measurement is a continuous process to track alcohol level on their wrist.

Skyn, which is connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth measures Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) through skin sweat. Users can track their alcohol inhale and give an alert via smartphone notification when drinking level exceeds. BACtrack is working on an algorithm to convert measured Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC) into an estimated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Most people are already familiar with this metric calculation as per need of 0.08% BAC for legal driving limit.

bactrack skyn

Researchers have developed such devices with transdermal sensors to track alcohol levels. It will help people to make decisions about when they should stop drinking. So that alcohol-related road accidents and deaths will be reduced. These devices are measuring the amount of alcohol through the skin sweat. Although the Transdermal sensors are available in the market, its large and bulky design has made their use limited and specific at some applications in criminal justice and research systems.

A Breakthrough in Alcohol Monitoring

In America, more than 10,000 peoples die every year in alcohol-related accidents. Also, 5.9% of total global deaths, i.e. 3.3 million deaths, are caused due to over alcohol drinking. Without any doubts, alcohol consumption is a boundless issue globally. That’s why BACtrack has worked hard to make BACtrack Skyn Alcohol Monitor in a low-cost with attractive technology so that everyone can use it easily. BACtrack Skyn has the potential to work on health and safety impacts individually and societally.

BACtrack Skyn continuously monitors the amount of alcohol or ethanol molecules emitting through the skin. It provides a real-time reading associated with the iOS app. So, at the local DUI checkpoint, in-spite of blowing into a breathalyzer, you have to see at your phone to check the alcohol level.

BACtrack Skyn for Personal Use

Individually, many of us are curious about alcohol consumption and want to drink moderately to ensure a safe drive. In such a case, BACtrack Skyn benefited us personally. Using an alcohol measuring tool to track the amount of alcohol consumption will lead to fewer accidents while driving, and it makes greater insight at the time of drinking.

In the US, more than 16 million individuals are suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Here, BACtrack Skyn might be the game-changer. An expensive and intrusive service can be used for sobriety monitoring. An individual can keep their eye on towards the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of the family member remains at 0.00% in real-time. Also, a user can easily track his or her alcohol level and share his or her results with others.

BACtrack Skyn for Professional Use

Recently, there is no such affordable and reliable monitoring device for clinicians and researchers to monitor the alcohol level of a patient or a participant continuously. Taking the motivation from the 2016 NIH “Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge,” typical bracelets used to monitor the alcohol level in the criminal justice system. But these expensive devices have troublesome and limited capabilities to track the alcohol level. The participant can report their self-data, but that’s unreliable.

bactrack skyn

The availability of a passive and low-cost alcohol monitoring device can reduce alcohol consumption related healthcare expenses by sending data to doctors or researchers and help them to discover new treatment options.

BACtrack Skyn Availability

BACtrack Skyn is available on their official website To know more about BACtrack Skyn go and visit site.

Our Opinion

The Skyn device was able to test alcohol within 30 minutes. With the upgraded technology throughout the passing time, the wrist-worn device can track the alcohol level faster than the ankle device. The new generation of wrist-wearing sensors provides the study of monitoring alcohol inhales of daily drinkers. Advanced machine learning algorithms may reduce the lag time in the future. Researchers are trialling in several fields to evaluate the relationship between blood alcohol concentrations and transdermal levels in large groups.

So, that’s all for now. We make sure you will get knowledge about BACtrack Skyn wearable Alcohol Monitor device by this comprehensive information. If you like our content, then share the article with your friends, family members to get them aware of all new technologies if you want to ask any related questions, comment below, as we are trying to provide better to you.

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