Amazing AI (Artificial Intelligence) Gadgets for Home that may interest you!

Do you ever think of all the daily life devices that could connect to the internet, and all these devices could communicate, send information, and take commands? Smartphones and computers and speakers, cameras, lights, lock and security systems, doorbells, appliances such as heating and cooling systems, health and fitness system, etc. It’s because of the Internet of Things (IoT), not science fiction. Internet of Things (IoT) is the critical component of automation and creates smart homes.

Home automation means creating the ability to control home items automatically, either with a push of a button or a voice command. Installing a lamp to turn on and off automatically is relatively inexpensive and straightforward. In contrast, advanced surveillance cameras and other high-tech gadgets require more investment of money and time also. Many smart home product categories include the control system starting from lights and temperature to locks and home security devices.

In today’s topic, we’ll describe some of the AI gadgets for the home that makes your home smart. The most important thing is Internet connectivity. Without the internet, no device can fetch the files and work as per their recommendation. Let’s see some of the AI gadgets for the home.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is an AI-powered device that can be controlled by voice. It takes command, fetches the file from the internet, and give the information. It will answer all your questions, play music, respond to all your command but needs a strong internet connection to do so. Let’s see some smart speakers.

Amazon Echo Family

AI Home Gadgets - Amazon Echo Family
Source: Forbes

The Amazon Echo is a handy voice assistant Bluetooth speaker powered by Alexa. Alexa works with various smart home devices with If This Then That (IFTTT) control via pairings. Although it can take some work, the user has to use their voice to control Alexa in most of the house’s gadgets. Users can connect Echo Dot with Clock, including Alexa functionality, if they already have a speaker.

Huawei AI Cube Alexa

Artificial Intelligence Home Gadgets - Huawei AI Cube
Source: Trusted Reviews

Connecting with Internet Huawei AI Cube Alexa Smart Speaker will give all the answers to the user. It can play the exact song that the user is looking for, and it can be commanded from anywhere in the room by voice. It also serves as a router that offers 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity to other devices. Other AI gadgets can’t compete with Huawei AI Cube Alexa Smart Speaker.

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

Like designing robots with AI technology, it can also make a difference in other high-tech gadgets such as Google’s Home Mini. The tiny, inconspicuous-looking Google Home Mini speaker can voice recognition with the integration of Google Assistant to respond to user’s queries. Users can set a reminder, settle an argument, check the directions, and connect to entertainment, playing songs online on Spotify without pressing a button.

Sonos One

Video Source: Sonos One

Besides Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Google Assistant, the Sonos One is another smart speaker supporting a popular voice assistant. This Sonos One connects with other Sonos speakers such as the Arc, Beam, and deliver superior sound quality and voice assistant.

Google Nest Hub Family

Google Nest Hub

If you prefer Google Assistant more than Amazon Alexa, then you may buy Google’s Nest Hub smart speakers and smart displays. The Google Home Max offers a real room-filling sound, whereas the Google Nest Hub Max delivers a bright smart display along with a pleasing sound. The smaller version of those devices, Nest Mini and Nest Hub, are also reliable, affordable smart speakers with Google Assistant in the house.

Smart Security Cameras

A security camera with smart features increases the safety and security for the user. AI integrated security cameras will be costlier than ordinary security cameras. Let’s see some of the smart cameras for security purposes.

Arlo Ultra

Source: Arlo Ultra

The Arlo Ultra is one of the top cameras for outdoor security. The camera is completely wireless, and a user needs the snap to install it. The user has to sign up the Arlo’s subscription plans to enjoy the camera’s offers and advantages. It’s probably the first model that can stream and record video in 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD). Along with cool tech features, Arlo can do automatic zooming, motion tracking. It also provides color night vision, a 180-degree field of view, an integrated spotlight and siren, one-click 911 connectivity, and more.

Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera

HOOP Smart Cam

The Hoop Cam+ Smart AI Indoor Camera can recognize faces that help feel safe indoors when the owner leaves their house unattended. This smart camera uploads pictures in its app of the owner’s friends and family to notify if there is anyone unfamiliar hanging around. Even it can learn the daily routine of family members, so the user can look around their kids return home from school safely.

RemoBell S

Remo Bell S
Credits – PCMAG

The original RemoBell back was completely wireless, easy to install, and delivered a sharp 720p video. But its bulky aesthetics, laggy performance, and lack of on-demand video were the major problems. So, the new RemoBell S, along with slimmer design, Alexa and Google voice command support, offers free cloud recording, on-demand HD video, and interoperability using IFTTT applets to make a connection with other smart home devices. Using the existing doorbell wiring, the installation of RemoBell S is still relatively easy. It records short videos and detects responsive motion in tests. The price of RemoBell S is hard to beat.

Smart Locks and Security System

AI technology upgrades the locks and security system for the official environment as well as for home use. Also, it helps to monitor around the home and feels secure. Let’s see some of the smart locks and security systems for the home.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Video Source: August

Wi-Fi smart locks manufactured by August in 2014 is the company’s first smallest model. Using Wi-Fi, it supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home-Kit, and other devices. Following its predecessors, it figures in Editors’ Choice.

Netvue Belle AI Wi-Fi Doorbell


The Netvue Belle Ai Wi-Fi Doorbell can easily communicate with visitors even there is no one in the home. Along with AI facial recognition, Belle greets the visitors on arrival. It also offers HD live streaming and motion detection. For receiving alerts and monitor the activity outside the home, the user needs to connect the doorbell to the app.

Home Security System

If you think about smartening your home, you may go with Vivint Smart Home System and SimpliSafe Home Security System. Although the components aren’t cheap, a one-time investment may bring change in your whole life.

Source: Vivint

Vivint Smart Home systems provide various optional home automation services that can be controlled from a 7-inch touch-screen control panel, a smartphone, and a PC. Vivint technicians will come to your home, install and explain everything about its all working principles.


And, SimpliSafe Home Security System is easy to set up and use. It takes a spot between a basic self-monitored DIY security system and a professionally monitored system. The system keeps the home safe from trespasser as well as environmental threats such as fire and flood. Monitoring remotely with an affordable plan, it secures home only and flexibly.

Smart Heating and Cooling

Inside the room, the owner should be benefitted if there is an automation system that takes care of the room’s environment, like heating and cooling. Here also, AI technology makes a change in daily lifestyle. So, let’s take a look at smart heating and cooling AI gadgets.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Video Source: Ecobee

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat is the fifth-generation model of Ecobee that supports Voice Control. It offers enhanced Alexa and multimedia support, dual-band Wi-Fi, and more powerful audio components than its predecessor. These are some of the examples that a thermostat can do. With easy installation and third-party app control, you’ll get one of the best smart thermostats.

GE Energy Star 115-Volt Electronic Room AC (Air Conditioner – AHC08LY)

GE Electronic Room AC
Pic Credits: PCMAG

With an 8,000-BTU Wi-Fi-enabled window unit – The GE Energy Star 115-Volt Electronic Room Air Conditioner (AHC08LY) can be controlled by smartphones and your voice. It supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri voice commands. Using Apple Home-Kit and IFTTT applets, it works with other smart devices. It uses your smartphone’s location so that it can cool down rooms before your arrival. With flexible scheduling options, it also provides energy usage reports.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat uses Artificial Intelligence to learn how draughty it is, how long it takes to heat the room, and when it needs to switch on the heating to create a comfortable temperature. It even observes users preferable weather into account and automatically adjusts the heating to provide a more efficient home.

Smart Health and Fitness Devices

AI technology also brings a lot of change in health and fitness devices to keep people healthy and fit. Some devices can be used to check the user’s body and help them to fit and healthy. Let’s see what the AI gadgets used for health and fitness tracking are?

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

Taking the help of Tempo Studio AI Home Gym you can be fit without leaving your home. It provides all the needed session for total-body. It includes the workouts with a barbell, two dumbbells, multiple plates, a recovery roller, and more.

Tempo Studio

Along with 3D sensors and AI technology for suggesting appropriate weight, it suits everyone from beginners to advanced users. The Tempo Studio smart strength training machine count your reps, amount of weight lifting for each move, and offer real-time feedback to keep the user in his form and fit. With form corrections, a larger screen, and live classes, Tempo offers on-demand workouts with knowledgeable and motivating instructors.

Wyze Scale

Wyz Scale
Source: Wyze Scale

The Wyze Scale with AI technology helps you track your progress by connecting with your smartphone and staying motivated. It tracks 12 metrics such as BMI, heart rate, body fat percentage, protein level, body water percentage, muscle mass, and weight up to 400 pounds. Besides keeping your data private, the smart scale offers a mode for pregnant women, people wearing a pacemaker, and earn Editors’ Choice.

Oral-B iO AI Toothbrush

Oral B iO - AI Toothbrush

Oral-B IO AI-powered toothbrush has a smart display with personalized brushing modes. It also offers superior cleaning action, AI tracking, a smart pressure sensor, and a redesigned brush head with the linear magnetic drive. In 3 hours, it gets fully charged.

Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror

Ayi Smart AI-powered Mirror

Ayi AI-Powered Smart Mirror transforms a conventional mirror into an intelligent screen. It can set the house’s temperature, switch on the lights, play music, and more.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed


Nowadays, there are many sleep tracking devices available, from fitness trackers to smartwatches. The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed has a biometric sensor for better sleeping. Using an app on the smartphone, the user can check their sleep trends and health metrics. The 360 Smart Bed is a comfortable, highly customizable, and effective device that improves sleep quality.

Smart Plugs and Lighting

AI technology enhances the lighting system of the home to make it smart. Besides lighting, smart plugs are also available there, which can be accessed through smartphones. Smartphones with AI bluster can handle all types of AI gadgets in the home, no matter what it is, but AI implementation is needed.

Connect Sense Smart Outlet 2

Connect Sense Smartoutlet2
Source: Tech Hive

Connect Sense Smart Outlet 2 is a device which helps to add smart features into small home appliances like lamps, coffee makers, and TVs. Users can control this versatile dual-outlet smart plug by an app in Android or iOS devices. It works with the voice command of Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Although it doesn’t support IFTTT, it can be used with other smart home devices using Automations and Home-Kit Scenes. It also monitors the energy usage for both outlets.

D-Link mydlink Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Video Source: D-Link USA

D-Link mydlink Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug DSP-W320 makes it easier to control outdoor devices like pool pumps, decorative lighting, and more with a smartphone and an app. This weatherproof plug that contains two outlets and a USB charging port install in minutes. It supports the voice command of Alexa and Google Assistant. Using IFTTT applets, it can also work with other smart devices.

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

Yeelight Smart Bulb

With 16 million colors, the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb connects wirelessly to the home network without a hub or bridge. It supports IFTTT, Apple Home-Kit, and voice command of Alexa, Google, and Siri. It offers a user-friendly app at an affordable price that helps create lighting schedules and configure the lighting effects.

Wyze Bulb

Source: Wyze Bulb

Besides offering affordable home security cameras, Wyze makes a step towards the smart lighting arena. Wyze has manufactured a tunable white LED bulb named “Wyze Bulb,” one of the most affordable bulbs in the market. Along with an in-built Wi-Fi system, it supports the voice command of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also can adjust white color temperatures and interact with other smart devices.

Other AI Gadgets

Besides all the above given AI gadgets, there are other gadgets too. Some of them are the AI chessboard, AI-based childhood development robot, AI personal assistant robot, AI sleep safety baby monitor, Lulupet – AI cat litter box, AI smart bot, smart kitchen appliances – Cooker Wi-Fi, Braa oven, Robot vacuum, and mops – Ozmo T8 AIVI, Roomba s9+ and more. Let’s look at some of them.

Video Source: Cubo AI

Cubo AI Sleep Safety Baby Monitor – It’s not always possible to care for the baby during bedtime, but it is crucial to supervise them most. Here, the Cubo AI Sleep Safety Baby Monitor takes care of the baby and sends you an alert when a baby’s face is covered, and the child enters into the danger zone.

Lulupet AI Smart Cat Litter Box

LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box Pet Health Monitor – Lulupet is the AI-powered smart kitty litter box. It is the world’s first litter box with an in-built urine stool to analyze a cat’s health. Cats can hide the sign of discomfort by withstanding pain. Taiwanese have developed this all-new AI-powered Lulupet, which can automatically detect abnormality in the cat’s body by recognizing its urine. Also, symptoms like weight change and excretory behaviors were analyzed by stool image and notified the owner if any abnormal activities found in the cat’s health.

Video Credits: Erin Lawrence

iRobot Roomba s9+: The Roomba s9+ puts a new shape for reaching difficult areas better, including the suction power four times. Along with plenty of sensors and camera-based navigation, Roomba s9+ learns the home’s layout. Its powerful suction, smart navigation makes Roomba s9+ most expensive robot vacuum, and the ability to empty its dustbin makes it one of the best vacuum for high-end models.

Our Opinion

Innovative use of AI technology is increasing day by day. Many upcoming gadgets are trying to integrate with AI so that it will provide the smart features. But, AI innovation will take more time to spread its root around India. It is because of price and less knowledge about the upcoming technologies.

The use of AI implemented gadgets at home will not be affordable for everyone in India. India is the fastest upgrading Country, but it is not entirely upgraded to change up to this level. So, it will take more than five years to be one of the upgraded countries.

That’s all now. I hope you like and enjoy reading about some of the home’s AI gadgets that can make your home smarter, safer, and healthier. It is all about upcoming future aspects, so please share it with your friends and make them aware of AI technology and its working areas. You can also suggest more upgrades in the comment section as we always try to provide better and proper.

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