8 Best AI Text-to-Art Generators (Free & Paid) You Should Use

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been progressively gaining traction in recent years. The multitude of AI text-to-art generators that have shown up online is a huge new addition to the AI bandwagon. Options range from well-known art generators like DALL-E to lesser-known ones you may not have heard of.

While not every AI text-to-art generator is accurate, there are several programs you may experiment with or use frequently to demonstrate your originality. As a result, we’ve compiled a lengthy list of the finest text-to-picture converters. If you’re a reader interested in AI art, check out the specifics for the finest generators below and give them a shot.

Best AI Text-to-Art Generators (2022)

We separated the information accordingly since the greatest AI text-to-art generators are available on the web, desktop, and mobile platforms. Use the table below to quickly explore these tools.

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Best Websites for AI Text-to-Art Generators

Many websites help to generate art from text using AI. Check out some of the best AI text-to-art generators given below.


AI text-to-art generator

DALL-E 2 is a text-to-art generator that has gone widespread on the Internet. DALL-E 2 is an improved but smaller version of the original, capable of producing even more lifelike visuals. This AI text-to-art generator, created by the OpenAI research centre, was previously restricted to a small group of people with limited access.

DALL-E 2 provides you with 50 credits to utilise to produce pictures. Each output is worth one credit, and you may buy more after you’re done, contributing to the study. This allows them to invest more dollars in the project and improve the present AI. DALL-E 2’s overall accuracy and output quality have improved significantly since its introduction.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lifelike output with the right prompts           
  • Edit tool to create variations
  • Occasional freeze while loading
  • 50 free Credits in the first month and 15 free Credits in the following months
  • Costs $15 for 115 Credits


NightCafe: AI text-to-art generator

NightCafe is yet another simple AI text-to-art generator available online. NightCafe comes with its unique spin on image generation. When it comes to output, this AI art generator gives a plethora of customising choices.

As a user, you may choose not just the output art style but also the algorithm that the AI employs, giving you greater influence over your product. You can select between Clip Guided Diffusion and Stable Diffusion.

NightCafe is a premium service that begins with five free credits that convert to five AI photos. To obtain three more credits, create an account and log in. To gain additional credits, you must subscribe to NightCafe, with costs beginning at $0.053 per credit. While this limits the service, you may pick a plan that is also inexpensive for you.

  • Can choose an AI algorithm
  • A plethora of art styles to choose from  
  • Can upscale images (paid)
  • Small credit limit
  • Free 5 Credits/day
  • 100 Credits for $9.99/month


AI text-to-art generator

Pixray is another simple AI picture generator that is accessible as a website, for local installation on your PC, and even as an API for those who want to create AI art Discord bots. However, unlike other AIs, Pixray takes significantly longer to provide results. Pixray produces a single picture in roughly six minutes. For context, the AI operates on Nvidia T4 GPU hardware.

While Pixray is practically free to use, you will eventually be prompted to pay for their services. Instead, you may choose between several PC specs that include a CPU or GPU to produce your output. Depending on the workload, this might cost anything from $0.0002 to much more per second. Nonetheless, it is reasonably priced and simple to use.

  • Extremely easy-to-use website
  • Decent image output
  • Lacks customization options
  • Takes a long time to create an image
  • Free
  • Costs $0.0002/second after a while


PhotoSonic: AI text-to-art generator

While many people haven’t heard of this AI text-to-art generator, it performs an excellent job of transforming words into art. PhotoSonic is a credit-based website that does the heavy labour for you. The AI does accept complicated long-form inputs, so you can tell it to draw almost anything. The AI uses latent diffusion to turn a noisy image into one that matches your instruction.

When you signed up for this service, I was given ten credits with the opportunity to purchase additional. Credits start at 100 photos for a monthly fee of $10, but the AI generator offers a free one-month trial to get you started. While the produced photos may not seem as professional as the AI text-to-image converters described above, PhotoSonic is accurate enough for novices.

  • Recognizes nuances in text prompts
  • Quick image generation 
  • Free one-month trial
  • Limited credits
  • First 10 Credits free
  • Paid plans start at 100 credits for $10/per month
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Best Mobile Apps for AI Text-to-Art Generators

Apart from websites, there are also mobile apps available for AI text-to-art generators. Check out the best apps listed below.

AI Picasso

AI text-to-art generator

AI Picasso is a Stable Diffusion-based text-to-image generator. While its app appearance is plain, the AI at least provides users with a limited art style selection. AI Picasso operates on an ad model, thus each time a picture is made, you must watch a 30-second commercial.

Fortunately, picture production is also almost quick and free. However, the constant barrage of advertisements after each AI artwork production might become grating for any user. While the output photos are good, they fall short of what I saw in the original Stable Diffusion.

While the AI is built on that approach, it frequently fails when you submit lengthy text instructions. This is probably why the random prompt generator only provides you with brief choices. However, brief suggestions generate adequate results.

There is no picture upscaling or customising possibilities, and unlocking new art styles requires the Pro Tier. Play around with Picasso for fun, but don’t anticipate too much.

  • Unlimited artwork generation   
  • Quick creation time        
  • Ads before every image output
  • Created artwork is average
  • AI cannot handle complicated texts
  • Free
  • The premium tier starts at $3.99

Wonder AI

Wonder AI

Wonder AI is a simple app for Android and iOS that I had some fun with. The software, like other art producers, requires a text prompt. You are then free to select your preferred art style, such as pen and ink, novelistic, magical, cinematic, and others. After adding the words, simply hit the Create button and wait for the artwork to appear on the screen.

Because Wonder AI does not use a credit system, you can produce as many artworks as you like. The disadvantage is that you must always watch a 30-second ad before making an artwork. It becomes irritating after a while, but at least you get limitless, free text-to-image outputs with this programme. You may buy the Wonder AI Pro membership for a week or a lifetime to remove commercials and obtain quicker processing speeds, but I believe the free tier is sufficient for most people.

Furthermore, Wonder AI produces reasonably realistic image outputs. It’s not as excellent as our website choices at processing complex instructions, but many attempts to improve that. Test the offered suggestions below the search field to discover how well this AI text-to-art generator works. Overall, while not the finest AI tool on our list, Wonder AI is adequate, even if the advertising is not.

  • Free to use with no credit system            
  • Fairly accurate artwork output  
  • Advertisement before every image output
  • Complicated prompts sometimes break the AI
  • Free
  • The premium tier starts at $4.99


AI text-to-art generator

StarryAI is a text-to-art generator that creates AI images well and is available as an app for Android and iOS. I created artwork with the iOS app and was amazed by its user-friendly UI. The home screen itself has a text bar at the top where you may add your AI artwork instructions. Wait in line as your artwork is generated, and your phone will light up when it’s finished.

The software does provide you 5 free credits after which you can go pro and purchase more credits, which start at $15.99 for 40 credits. Apart from that, the app is simple to use and allows you to save and share the photographs you produce. The amount of artwork correctness is extremely great, however, it does occasionally go wrong.

A mixed set of stimuli is easily understood by the AI. There were moments when complex keywords produced perplexing visuals, but AI is not flawless. Another aspect that worked well in my tests was adding a photo or giving the AI something to build on. Additionally, you may choose the Canvas Size, Model, and Runtime to give the AI additional time to perfect your artwork.

  • A plethora of customization options
  • Choice of AI for image creation 
  • Mostly, good image outputs       
  • Limited free credits
  • The first 5 credits are free
  • The plan starts at 40 credits for $15.99

Dream by Wombo


WOMBO created the Dream AI text-to-art generator, which is ready to continue its AI adventure. It has a lovely design that emphasises its creativity. While the design is lovely, I also found it to be user-friendly. This works for many types of photographs, so feel free to play with the app or the equally excellent website.

While Dream has a premium tier, which starts at $4.99, there is more than enough art style variation to produce free artwork from scratch. Enter the text prompt and then select an art style. You have hundreds of various art styles to pick from, and even more, if the premium tier is activated.

Dream gets bonus points for integrating a Ghibli art style, even though its production was subpar. As you can see, the other output photographs were highly alive and bright. Another plus is the stunning real-time transformation tool, which allows you to view the image creation on your phone.

  • Beautiful app design
  • Ghibli art style for anime lovers 
  • Real-time output creation looks amazing              
  • Too many details distort the output sometimes
  • Free
  • The premium tier starts at $4.99

Bonus Tip: Convert Text-to-Video using AI

After text-to-art generators, here’s a bonus for you to convert text into a video by using AI. Check out the stuff stated below.

Google Imagen Text-to-Video Generator

While Meta launched Make-A-Video, Google is not far behind. Google’s Imagen Video is a new AI generator that converts text prompts into HD movies. While still in the research phase, the Google Imagen video has a demonstration page with several samples, and they look spectacular.

The Imagen promotes its video capabilities on its Imagen website, including how it can make films up to 1280×768 at 24 frames per second using text instructions. It accomplishes this by converting the text prompt into a low-quality video and then upscaling it to the above-mentioned resolution using a cascaded diffusion model.

Meta AI Text-to-Video Generator

The recently introduced Make-A-Video technology allows users to convert text into high-quality video clips. Make-A-Video uses Generative AI to generate brief, colourful films from text prompts. It accomplishes this by utilising current diffusion techniques, which essentially denoise a picture, or turn it into a video until it is sufficiently clear.

Make-A-Video uses publicly available datasets, allowing anybody to see the source of the study. As you can see, the short movies created from prompts are fascinating and portend a bright future for AI videos in art.

Wrapping Up

So, we hope you enjoy spending hours making beautiful artwork with these finest AI text-to-art generators. With the rapid advancement of AI in 2022, human-machine interaction will continue to evolve. One needs to consider if this has a cost and if it is safe for human advancement. So, what are your thoughts on AI art generators? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there a free AI text-to-art Generator?

The AI text-to-art generator with stable dispersion is completely free to use.

2) Is DALL-E 2 free?

Every month, customers receive 15 free DALL-E 2 credits. You must pay $15 for 115 more credits.

3) What is the best free AI art generator?

Dream by Wombo is an excellent AI image generator for creating high-quality photos with no constraints on characteristics or image numbers.

4) Is DALL-E 2 available to the public?

The DALL-E 2 AI text-to-art generator is now open to the public.

5) How do AI art generators work?

Artists make AI art by writing algorithms that “learn” a certain aesthetic by examining millions of photos rather than following a set of rules.

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