Most Interesting AI-powered Health Gadgets from CES 2020

The annual tech confab of CES in the heart of Las Vegas showcases the latest technologies and greatest gadgets. Big corporations have announced innovative thoughts and new ideas to make real entrepreneurial and improved products and services. Though it’s challenging to figure out the top 10 Ai-powered health gadgets, we find CES’s most exciting health gadgets. Without wasting time, let’s head into the article on Top 10 AI-powered health gadgets from CES 2020 – the world’s biggest tech show.


Lulupet is the AI-powered smart kitty litter box. It is the world’s first litter box with an in-built urine stool to analyze a cat’s health. Cats can hide the sign of discomfort by withstanding pain. Taiwanese have developed this all-new AI-powered Lulupet, which can automatically detect abnormality in the cat’s body by recognizing its urine. Also, symptoms like weight change and excretory behaviours were analyzed by the stool image and notified the owner of any abnormal activities found in the cat’s health.

Health Gadgets
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Among the top ten causes, seven related to face diseases for cats in which they lost their lives. Lulupet helps to recognize the specific disease and notify the owner of the exact check-up. In this way, cats can be treated right, and they will live long. Many times, when cats get health issues, the owner thinks about its illness, but the cat may have kidney failures. To understand that and to take it to the veterinarian may damage 70% of its kidney. The damaged organ cannot be reversible; besides that, it will take 1200 dollars as a medical fee.

Sick cats are tough to detect. According to the Bristol stool scale, the cat’s face has divided into seven categories, from constipation to diarrhoea. Stool analysis is a direct way to detect any disease in the cat’s body – constipation caused by pressing a tumor, whereas diarrhoea may be caused by kidney failure. The Lulupet recognizes the urine only to detect abnormalities and judge with AI-image restoration to notify the cat’s health.

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Oral-B IO

Oral-B IO toothbrush is an AI-powered toothbrush with smart display and personalized brushing modes. It has other features, such as AI tracking, superior cleaning action, smart pressure sensor, and redesigned brush head, including the linear magnetic drive. It delivers a full charge in 3 hours.

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The magnetic drive delivers concentrated energy to the brush head bristles tips that allow gliding tooth by tooth for smooth and quiet cleaning experience. It combines Oral-B’s iconic round brush oscillation rotations with the micro-vibrations’ gentle energy to provide a sensational clean, and enjoyable experience.

The Smart Pressure Sensor helps protect gums by guiding them on how to brush with the right pressure. The ring of the brush lights up green during the optimal pressure, and red while the pressure goes hard. It is built with position detection and AI for covering the whole mouth. The digital display delights with welcome greetings, brushing modes, language selection, and battery life.

Oral B took the toothbrush to new heights with the announcement of AI-powered Oral B IO at CES 2020. It offers brushing modes, a unique built-in smart display that provides a real-time brushing process.


  • Design
  • Battery life
  • OLED display
  • Cleaning action
  • Magnetic charger
  • Smart pressure sensor
  • Built-in timer and pacer
  • Bluetooth and AI-powered technology


  • Box contents
  • Brush heads
  • Travel case
  • Expensive


Perso is an AI-powered at-home system developed by French personal care company, L’Oréal. The company has revealed about Perso at CES 2020. It is a smart device that creates a formula for lipstick, skincare, and foundation. This system starts with an App where users have to click a photo of his or her face. That will be AI identified by the app to disclose skin conditions like wrinkles, dark spots, etc. After analyzing, Perso adjusts the environmental concerns which affect the skin from pollen, pollution, and UV index. Now, the user has to enter his or her skin-care goal, and Perso pulled that data into the formula and made a single-use dose by formulating them.

Source from Google

Perso features a streamlined four-step process like environmental assessment, personal skin analysis, product preference, and custom formulation to optimize personalization levels to deliver on-the-spot skincare. It is assumed to launch in 2021.

Withing Scan Watch

Withings has revealed the latest smartwatch at CES 2020, known as Withing Scan watch. Scan watch is an advanced health device that monitors heart rate and delivers real-time notifications on heart health. Consists of an exclusive algorithm, the scan watch analyses the heart rate of the user and classifies the heart rhythm.

Source from Google

It is the priciest hybrid smartwatch with fitness tracking, ECG tracking, mini-display with steel HR, etc. The watch consists of both analog and digital displays for showing time and health measurements. In the traditional analog part, there is a large dial and a small hand sub-dial in the bottom half to show the time. Whereas, a PMOLED digital display is applied in the top half to show the fitness, ECG, heart rate, etc.

It is surrounded by the metal blaze and covered with sapphire glass over its dial to provide a classy look. It comes with houses of sensors like PPG (Passive Heartbeat Irregularities) sensor, ECG (an atrial fibrillation detector) sensor, and SpO2 (sleep apnea). It comes with two sizes, one is the 38mm version, and another one is the 42mm version. Depending upon the size, the price varies. For 38mm, the prize may be 249 dollars, whereas the cost will be 299 dollars for the bigger one, 42mm.


  • Health Tracking – Withing Scan Watch is capable of health and fitness along with heart rate, step, and exercise monitoring via health mates in android and iOS.
  • Scan watch uses a PPG sensor to track the user’s irregular heartbeat passively throughout the day.
  • Using an ECG sensor, it makes a report in a health mate within 30 seconds of reading and creates a PDF.
  • SpO2 sensor is used to detect sleep apnea by calculating the number of light waves that emit and absorb through blood vessels. It needs to be manually activated as it drains more battery.
  • It offers a rechargeable battery including the charger in the box.

A light to assist people with dyslexia

The cause of dyslexia remains unknown. Due to dyslexia, people have two dominant eyes that result in the mirrored or blurred appearance of letters and make reading difficult. The Lexi-light lamp with LEDs radiates pulses of light at a customized rate that correct distortions in brain cells to process a dominant eye to get-rid of dyslexia and clearing up mashed letters and make it easier to read.

The Lex-light is adjustable with the rhythm and pulsation that allows user to do their work correctly. People, without dyslexia, have a dominant eye that sends visual information to the brain. Whereas, people with dyslexic send information using both eyes, which mashed all the letters and led to confusion while reading.

The company shows off Lexi-light at CES 2020, where it says that Lamp will work for 90% of people with dyslexia. It is now available in Europe only, but soon it will be available in the US. For one month trial, it costs 549 European currency. Also, the money will be refunded if the user will not be satisfied. Till now, it works over 300 peoples.  

Segway’s Mobile Armchair

Segway is an egg-shaped self-balancing chair vehicle inspired by Gyrosphere in the movie of Jurassic World. The company has disclosed an armchair with two wheels at CES 2020. It’s a game-changer for personal transport.

Source from Google

Concept of Armchair

  • Self-balancing driving.
  • Assistive navigation panel.
  • It unblocks a full view of the rider.
  • Steadily inclination and declination of vehicle.

The S-Pod vehicle runs on battery power with a center-of-gravity control mechanism. It represents a new way to enclose facilities like theme parks, airports, or universities. But it offers a nail-biting and illegal ride in some countries while using on traffic roads. Its top speed is about 24 miles (38.6 km) per hour. The rider needs to lean their body while accelerating or de-accelerating. A knob automatically turns on the navigation panel when the rider is getting relaxed at their seat.


  • Dimension – 1580 x 790 x 1400 mm
  • Net weight – 330.7lbs (near about 150 kg.)
  • Max. speed – 24 miles (38.6 km) per hour
  • Typical Range – 43.5 miles (70 km)
  • Climbing angle – 10 degree

KATANA – Safety Wallet

The Safety Wallet, developed by KATANA Safety, attached with the user’s smartphone and for protection and personal safety devices, can trigger a siren and a silent alarm during an emergency. The Safety Wallet works via an app that can send alerts to the trusted contacts and send the user’s location to the 24/7 response center. The Wallet has room for holding credit cards.

Source from Google

It is available on the KATANA Safety website for pre-order at 99 dollars. The subscription price starts at 4.99 dollars per month or 23.99 dollars per year, including the below-given features.


  • It will be attached to the user’s mobile 24/7 and track location until the user doesn’t reach his or her destination. If any escalating situation comes, its 24/7 responsive center will automatically dispatch local emergency service.
  • A 24/7 response center is always active to deliver a triggering alert during emergency and dispatch 911 for the right emergency service.
  • An emergency service network can be worked among seven friends or family members. They will be notified about their location and next step co-ordination by text messages.

ASICS Smart Shoes

Japanese sports company ASICS turned up at CES 2020 for the first time with an innovative smart shoe powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The firm showed off a prototype of smart running shoe that has an in-built AI coach. Orphe Track Sensor, developed by No New Folk, seems to be used in this smart shoe. It is a small sensor device placed in between sole and the upper portion of the shoe. Orphe Tracking Sensor includes a six-axis motion sensor and a vibration sensor and barometer pressure within a slender body. The all-over mechanism is controlled by an STM32L4 microcomputer that offers low-power motion detection.

Source from Google

Orphe Tracking Sensor opens up the motion data spreading through foot-steps, including a dedicated training coach. It delivers excellent energy recovery while your feet strike on the ground, ankle rotation during landing, etc. Planned to be launched on 7th Feb. 2021, the smart shoe offers multi-dimensional sensors that can track kick strength and stability to provide runners with real-time feedback and perform better.


You have heard of running watches used to collect data of your running from your wrist, not from your feet. Why does it happen? Because from the wrist, the watch can calculate heart rate. But, NURVV has revealed a brand-new running product at CES 2020. They have manufactured a pair of connected insoles for shoes called NURVV Run that collect data directly from footfall.

Source from Google

Using a coaching app, NURVV Run can show your progress by analyzing your biomechanics and running health conditions. Each insole contains 16 individual sensors that capture data 1000 times a second accurately. The smart shoe offers information about the user’s depth metrics, like cadence, step length (left to right), foot strike, foot balance, and pronation.

The main emphasis of NURVV Run is all about the user’s biomechanics and the improvement of health. Users need to download the NURVV app and make a sync connection with the insole to get visual information about their progress. It can be used in both outdoor and indoor runs. It records the user’s running information and then creates a health score, including a training load. Depending upon the user’s capability, it creates its workout technique.


  • NURVV Run can hold its charge up to hours.
  • The tracker will automatically connect with GPS.
  • Users can see their running stats like distance, pace, time, burned calories, etc.
  • The more the user runs with it, and it will give more accurate tips to stay injury less.
  • Training too hard, running on an uneven surface, fatigue during running in hot weather, running with a friend, and things like this affect the user’s biomechanics and running form.
  • There is an option of “Pace Coach” that provides three different workouts, like running faster, intervals, and recovery.
  • It is lightly weighted for providing comfort to the runners. Each tracker contains 22gm, and insoles have 55gm each.


Suunto, the Finnish Fitness Company, offers a wristwatch consisting of a wide variety of fitness features with Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100’s power. It surprised everyone at CES 2020 by claiming two days of battery life. With a 1.39-inch AMOLED display and Qualcomm processor, it delivers fantastic performance experience. It comes with Google’s Wear OS that supports Google Assistant. It has an in-built GPS, a barometric altimeter, and an optical heart rate sensor.

Source from Google

With 70 different sports modes like running (race, trail, outdoor, etc.), tracking, hiking, swimming, and other functions, the smartwatch aims to provide complete feedback of the user’s workout. The most exciting feature of it is the offline map facility. Users can use the map while it is not connected to the internet. Users just have to download 40 miles of the map around him or her.

Additionally, wear OS provides the usual tools like notifications, music handling, and access to the Play Store for more apps. The Suunto 7 is supposed to release on 31st January via online. It is available on the Suunto website for pre-order at the price of 499 dollars.


  • It is stylish and lightweight to use daily.
  • Its looks match with toughness along with a large bright screen.
  • GPS overestimates the distance slightly.
  • The optical heart rate monitor is fine and accurate.
  • The heat-map setting is fantastic.
  • It needs 100 minutes to get a full charge.
  • It can last for 30 days as a watch, whereas it lasts for30 hours with total usage.
  • It supports Suunto and Google Fit along with OS for customization.

So, this is all. We make sure that you have gained knowledge about the top 10 AI-powered health gadgets from CES 2020 – the world’s biggest tech show by this comprehensive information. Besides these 10 AI-powered health gadgets, there are many more AI-powered gadgets that will be discussed later. For now, that’s it.

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