8 Best AI Gadgets For Home Gym – Ready To Work Out With Smart Gym Gadgets!

After COVID Pandemic, working out at home becomes convenient with the smart gym gadgets and easier to exercise consistently. In such case AI gadgets for home gym are compact and a proper workout setup that you need to fit in your living room.

Smart AI gadgets for Home Gym help you to work out at your home with vibrant touchscreen displays, in-built cameras, and compact all-in-one smart gym gadgets. These AI gadgets for Home Gym with a smart assistant will guide you to reach your fitness goals and take workout-mat, stationary bike, and a resistance band to the next level.  

However, these smart gym gadgets are pricey, costing a few thousand dollars and everyone can afford them. But it ensures access to daily workout equipment, weights, and else to complete your routine regularly. Even the AI gadgets for home gym will not suffer the same fate as an exercise ball, dumbbell, weight plates, squat rack, and yoga mat via spending a lot of pennies.

AI gadgets for home gym with intelligent fitness trainers guide you to work on your fitness in your home. And, today’s topic includes such types of AI gadgets for home gym that you can use easily and comfortably inside your home. Let’s check out the smart gym gadgets one by one in detail.

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Best AI Gadgets for Home Gym

Use of AI in all sorts of technologies including the fitness trainer that offers smart and personalized fitness plans for the user. During the workout, you need to wear this device on your wrist or behind your ear and it will coach you via real-time voice alerts about what exercises to do, and how to do that.

I have prepared a list of the 8 best AI gadgets for home gym. However, everyone is not aware of such smart gym gadgets. I hope this content will help them to know about these Ai gadgets for home gym. With time technology has evolved and we also need to cope with that. So, stick till the end to know more.

1) Intelligent Scale

AI gadgets for home gym - intelligent scale

It is one of the most useful AI gadgets for home gym which helps to track your health-related records using voice commands. It consists of several sensors that will send real-time data on your body weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, and so on. It uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and a noninvasive tool to evaluate your body composition.

An intelligent scale offers Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to sync with a mobile app that tracks your progress over time. Even it’s good for families as one profile can be used by multiple users. However, keep in mind that intelligent scales are more expensive than a typical scale and may not be a good fit for everyone.

2) Peloton Bike

AI gadgets for home gym - peloton bike

Peloton Bike is a spin bike designed like to road bike. With an adjustable seat and handlebars, this indoor bike features a 21.5-inch HD touchscreen display to participate in live and on-demand classes from home. It costs $1,495 (subject to change) and the additional features cost separately, which is $44 per month.

Membership holders can access thousands of classes like cycling, strength, yoga, and more on the Bike and the Peloton App. Recently, Peloton has introduced its new Bike Plus model that includes a movable touchscreen display and it costs $2,495 (subject to change).

3) Peloton Tread

AI gadgets for home gym - peloton tread

Peloton has introduced a newer Tread that is for sale at $2,495 (subject to change). It’s a smart treadmill with a 32-inch touchscreen display and offers thousands of classes like running, walking, strength, boot camp, yoga, and more. You have to pay $39 per month additionally to access the live and on-demand Tread classes of Peloton.

You can easily follow guided classes, set your profile, and view your stats like burned calories from each workout. As smart gym gadgets, it allows you to plan and customize workout timing, so you switch from one class to the next seamlessly with Stacked Classes.

Peloton also offers you to check out live and in-class metrics like speed, mileage, heart rate zones, elevation, and more. You can work out with your friends and other Members on the Leaderboard. And, most important, it delivers track progress over time to compare performance across workouts and maintain your workout streak.

4) Echelon Connect Bike Ex

AI gadgets for home gym - echelon connect bike

Lusting after Peloton Bike, but don’t have enough funds to get AI gadgets for home gym? In such a case, the Echelon Connect Bike Ex series could be an alternative that offers an almost similar experience to Peloton Bike. But no screen comes with the setup, you need to attach the screen on your own. However, an in-built tablet holder with 180° flip rotation is given to it.

It also offers you to participate in live and on-demand cycling classes like Peloton. Moreover, you can watch Netflix by using your tablet with the echelon bike, which can’t be done in the Peloton. It features dual-sided pedals with SPD-compatible clips and toes cages to accommodate cycling cleats. The prices start at $800 (subject to change)

5) Fight Camp

AI gadgets for home gym - fight camp

Fight Camp is an in-home boxing bag with boxing gloves that are designed to keep you engaged and focused. Fight Camp has sensors under the boxing gloves that guides you on how hard you’re hitting and how many punches you hit. Moreover, its world-class trainers will teach you with passion & dedication to keep you motivated.

Every time you work out, it tells how many punches you hit and the sensors give you a real-time progress report. You need to pay an additional $39 per month for accessing classes and the basic package costs $399 for the wraps and sensors. However, the complete package of the boxing bag, gloves, and an exercise mat costs $1299 (subject to change).

6) Mirror

AI gadgets for home gym - Smart mirror

It looks like an ordinary mirror that you’d use to check outfits. But it’s an LCD when one looks closely. The mirror is expensive and the best personal training system at home. To watch the instructor’s live and on-demand fitness classes, you need to pay $39 per month in this workout mirror. And, the cost of the mirror is $1495 (subject to change).

These smart gym gadgets work wonderfully and offer different workout lengths, fitness levels, and classes including yoga, disciplines, strength, and cardio. Taking the advantage of an in-built camera, it recently added a one-on-one personal training feature and help to correct it. The mirror also includes a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor and six fitness bands. 

7) Tempo

ai gadgets for home gym - tempo

Tempo home gym is another smart gym gadgets available at $2,495 (subject to change) in the market. It comes with a sleek design, 42-inch HD touchscreen display, and looks like an industrial bookcase. The system also offers two 7.5-pound dumbbells and one 25-pound barbell, collars for plate locking, a workout mat, a heart rate monitor, and a foam roller.

At $39 per month, you can participate in live and on-demand classes as well as individualized coaching. Its AI-integrated 3D mapping gives you real-time tips. The Tempo Studio tracks and records your metrics to find out your strength. Even it can integrate with the Apple Watch.

8) Tonal

AI gadgets for home gym - tonal

Tonal is a weight machine that uses digital weights to work out your muscles. Instead of weights, weight stacks, metal plates, dumbbells, and kettlebells, the Tonal AI gadgets for home gym consist of just two giant arms outstretched from the sides of the screen including an in-built coach on its touch screen. 

Tonal offers up to 200 pounds of resistance which is much better for exercise and strength training. It also gives real-time feedback. Even it can adjust the resistance automatically during your workout by sensing the current weight whether it’s too easy or hard for you.

Wrapping Up

These AI gadgets for home gyms might be expensive, but the prices can come down over time. And, these smart gym gadgets will help you to do a full-body workout, resistance training, indoor cycling, high-intensity interval training, and other workout routines.

I hope this article will be helpful for you. If you like it, please share this content with others. So that, they can also be aware of the best AI Gadgets for Home Gym. Also, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned with us, and thanks for reading.!

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