Best 8 AI Gadgets For Education – Made Learning Simple and Fun

AI gadgets for education become more important with the revolution of the virtual world. An explosion of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the number of technologies results in thousands of new start-ups and AI Gadgets every day.

Recently, AI is transforming traditional education with intelligent and adaptive AI gadgets for education that encourage personalized learning. These gadgets can be used in schools, colleges, and universities across the world. It gives an impact on the lives of students as well as educators via analysing of huge amounts of data.

We have already covered up different AI gadgets used at different locations in your home such as home security, gym, bathroom, and kitchen. Why should the education sector leave behind? Here, we bring a list of AI gadgets for education that might help you.

List of AI Gadgets For Education

Let’s jump right into the topic and learn the best AI Gadgets for education that makes your learning simple and easy.

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1) Intelligent Robot

AI Gadgets for Education - Intelligent Robot

The AI-integrated robot is enough intelligent to help teachers in improving their teaching skills as well as make students learning more effective. Just download all your teaching materials from your smartphone into this robot, and you can access them anytime and anywhere.

With the in-built sensors, this robot can track all the movements of the students including playing multi-dimensional games. It makes you feel like you are physically present in a classroom. Even it analyses a teacher’s group work, whole-class presentations, and individual student interactions to provide useful feedback for them that helps to improve their teaching skills.

2) Gradescope

AI Gadgets for Education - Gradescope

Students can give feedback and assess each other with the help of Gradescope. Although it’s a tedious task, AI gadgets for education make it easy. This AI gadget combines the expertise of ML and AI which makes it easier for graders to save time and energy by outsourcing the review and grading.

Besides focusing on the teaching process, Gradescope also allows the instructor to grade online homework, programming projects, and paper-based exams. This AI gadget ensures fair grading and provides relevant statistics that identify the needs of a student and class trends.

3) Altitude Learning

AI Gadgets for Education - Altitude Learning

Altitude Learning is an AI-based online platform that promotes learner-centred education for professionals. This is an exceptional platform because it encourages students to self-learning. Moreover, it allows educators to meet the needs starting from the planning stage of every learner to tracking their progress with care.

The educators can assign work individually, in small and large groups via this AI platform. It allows the students to start their learning path with the guidance and support of a teacher or mentor.

4) Ivy Chatbot

AI Gadgets for Education - Ivy chatbot

Ivy is a set of chatbot AI gadgets for education that were specifically designed for colleges and universities. They assist in different tasks of the universities like application forms, enrolment, deadlines, tuition costs, and more. Even Ivy can plan recruitment campaigns with the gathered data.

The AI gadget can provide much-needed information like loans, scholarships, tuition payments, and more to the students. Moreover, it can be applied to every department with the developed and specialized chatbots.

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5) Cognii

AI Gadgets for Education - Cognii

Cognii develops AI-based gadgets for K-12 and higher education. It’s also used in corporate training environments. One of the main AI gadgets of Cognii is Virtual Learning Assistant. It relies on conversational technology that helps students to improve in open-format responses and critical thinking skills. Besides this, it also provides real-time one-on-one tutoring and customized feedback for each student.

6) Knowji

AI Gadgets for Education - Knowji

Another one of the top AI gadgets for education on the market is Knowji. It’s an audio-visual vocabulary application that comes with current educational research. Knowji, mainly designed for language learners, uses various concepts and methods to help students learn faster.
The AI gadget for education tracks each word’s progress. Moreover, it can predict the time when users are likely to forget. Using a spacing repetition algorithm acquires such abilities that enable students to learn better.

7) Knewton’s Alta

AI Gadgets for Education

Knewton’s Alta with complete courseware is the company’s newest AI gadget for higher education. The complete courseware solution combines an adaptive learning technology that is available openly for developing a personalized learning experience.
Each Alta gadget provides all of the instructional content including text, videos, examples, and assessments that are needed for a course. Even it is available in multiple courses such in the fields of maths, statistics, economics, and chemistry.

Century Tech

AI Gadgets for Education - Century Tech

London-based company Century Tech offers an AI gadget for education that utilizes cognitive neuroscience and data analytics to build a personalized learning plan. It reduces the monotonous tasks like planning and grading for instructors, so they will get time to focus on other areas too.

Moreover, the AI gadget tracks student progress by pointing out the knowledge gaps in the learning. Then, it is recommended to do a personal study and gives feedback as per the requirement of each user. It becomes trustable by schools and colleges around the world.

Wrapping Up

Although, AI is not involved in the education sector that much. But it will do in the coming years. Till now, these are all we have got for you. I hope you will be helpful with it. If you find this content interesting and helpful, please share it with your friends and families. So, everyone can get knowledge of AI integration in the education field.

Also, share your thoughts and comments below. What do you think about AI in the education field? Share your opinion with us in the comment section. And, don’t forget to like and share this article. That’s all for now, stay tuned with us. Thanks for reading.!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What kind of AI can be used in education?

AI can be used in educational software for personalized, adaptive learning programs for individuals and students.

2) How AI is used in the education system?

AI technology allows us to monitor children’s interactions online more closely than ever before.

3) Can AI be used by students in education?

With the use of AI, students now have a personalized approach to learning programs based on their own unique experiences and preferences.

4) What is AI in the classroom?

AI helps teachers fill the gaps where their students are in most need of learning.

5) What benefits would true AI have for the future of education?

Through AI, students can have access to tutors, creating more authentic learning experiences by pairing students with an expert or a virtual peer to learn with.

6) Can AI replace teachers?

AI in education has come a long way, but the technology won’t be replacing teachers yet.

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