Best 5 AI Gadgets For Childhood Development

Artificial Intelligence spreading its branches all over to bring a change in the coming future. We have found some AI gadgets for childhood development. So, you don’t have to worry about your child’s development. Different types of AI-integrated robots can be used for different purposes. Let’s check them out.

AI Gadgets for Childhood Development

An AI-integrated virtual playmate robot is one of the most useful AI gadgets for childhood development that can turn your room into a playground for them. Besides a playmate, these gadgets can automatically adjust the learning speed as per your child’s capability and offer real-time feedback.

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These robots come with in-built sensors to track all movements of your kids while playing. Even it helps to improve the knowledge of science and technology of your kids by using play-based learning techniques and developing their emotional, cognitive, and social skills.

Using the in-built sensors, these robots can give information about new topics to your child. With an in-built microphone, the robot can detect external noises in the background. So, you will get useful feedback on what topics your kid is going through at that time. Here are some of such AI -integrated robots called AI gadgets for childhood development.

1) Robelf Robot

AI Gadgets for Childhood Development - Robelf Robot

Robelf is a home robot that comes with a mobile monitoring system and a removable camera lens. It can help in learning for your kids outside of the classroom. Besides that, Robelf can talk, tell jokes and stories, take voice commands, make phone calls, and more.

The in-built iBeacon positioning system of Robelf allows you to set up the patrol time to automatically survey your home. Homeowners are nervous many times while leaving their home alone, but Robelf with its Moving Monitoring System keeps your worries far.

It protects your home like a family 24 hours a day. It can charge automatically before getting discharged and even monitor your home during charging. This robot can also control your smart home devices. Overall, Robelf is perfect for children as well as older adults.

2) Honeybot Robot

AI Gadgets for Childhood Development - Honeybot

Honeybot is an interactive and educative robot with different functions. It creates a new way for parents to develop their child’s childhood. Honeybot spends time with your child and educates them, showing 3D Dinosaur animation on the screen.

It can be used as a teacher, connector, or friend for your child. Honeybot can also tell stories, and entertain you. It helps the children to understand knowledge from 3D animation. The design, looks, and smooth appearance of the honeybot make it a barbie doll for children.

It features the latest Augmented Reality (AR) and image identification technology to create lifelike illustrations, a special drawing design AR Aquarium for experiencing pre-school educators for image identification and color extraction technology, and the most interesting, live voice-changing talk from mobile.

3) Photon Robot

AI Gadgets for Childhood Development -Photon robot

Photon is an educational robot that comes with AI gadgets for childhood development. It helps children learn STEM-related skills, a problem-solving methods, and programming. The robot can be used from kindergarten to the 12th grade of education.

You can use it for introducing colors, animals, and geometrical figures, and even explain the concept of sustainable energy. The robot can take onto a walk-in space for learning lessons about planets and the solar system, take onto a meadow for learning about plants and bees, and take onto a city to talk about road safety.

Moreover, Photon is great for carrying out games on mathematical operations and memorizing numbers. Students can match the result to an operation of the robot, and decide whether their result is correct or not.

4) Wordee Gadget

AI Gadgets for Childhood Development - Wordee

Wordee is a new type of AI gadget for childhood development, that “draws with light”. You need to drag wordee on a specific light-absorbing sheet, so that glowing pictures and characters are temporarily printed on that sheet. You have to pair it with your smartphone app to manage wordee according to you.

You can choose what you need like reading out words, letting wordee print out the image in your smartphone app, and so on. As technology continues to occupy space in our world, children easily get in touch with new technologies and familiar with smartphones.

AIgadgetsbolg believes to take advantage of technology to create magical and fun experiences for childhood development. Wordee, inspired by the possibilities of the technology age, is such an AI gadget that not only grabs the attention of the children but stimulates their curiosity.

5) Chip Robot Dog

AI Gadgets for Childhood Development - CHiP robot dog

CHiP is an AI-integrated affectionate, trainable, and intelligent robot dog. With smart accessories and advanced sensors, CHiP is always aware, and ready to play with children. This robot dog shapes uniquely while giving responses to your command.

It becomes pretty powerful by injecting cutting-edge technologies into it. CHiP responds through your touch, the SmartBand, and the CHiP mobile app. With the SmartBand, you can give the command to CHiP for following you. The CHiP can play fetch with the SmartBall and bring it back to you.

Moreover, CHiP automatically goes to his SmartBed for getting recharged when the battery is running low. Download the latest CHiP app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store while getting the CHiP robot dog to take advantage of its latest features.

Final Words

AI gadgets for childhood development is the art of teaching kids to become the creator and designers of the latest technology. Artificial intelligence is the way of modernization in the future. And, these AI gadgets will help you to grow basic development in your children. I hope you will be helpful with it.

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