Top 8 AI Gadgets For Bathroom – Like Seriously, AI Gadgets In Bathroom!

As Artificial Intelligence has been evolving our homes, lifestyles, and workplaces, why are bathrooms left neglected? So, today we will try to cover up about the AI gadgets for bathroom purposes. Get ready to explore more about the AI gadgets for bathroom.

Technology has become such an integral part of this modern age, that the AI gadgets in bathroom should surely come without any surprise. When you are using so many smart AI gadgets in your home, don’t you think about AI gadgets for bathroom that make your bathroom high-tech. If not, today’s article will make you think about it.

AI Gadgets for Bathroom – Top 8 AI Gadgets in Bathroom

We bring a list of the top 8 AI gadgets for bathroom that may draw your attention. And, the smart AI gadgets for bathroom in 2022 are quite advanced to keep your bathroom disinfected, bathing experience spa-like, toothbrushing habits on target, and more.

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1. AI-powered Toothbrush

AI gadgets for bathroom - AI Toothbrush

An AI-powered Toothbrush is a great example of using Artificial Intelligence to improve your daily life routine. This toothbrush comes with sensors that track the number of your teeth brushing times and remind you to change its head every 3 months. Just put it near the sink in your bathroom, so that it can track your brushing habits, and gives you daily feedback.

2. Smart Mirror

AI gadgets for bathroom - smart mirror

Smart mirrors are one of the most useful AI gadgets in bathroom that can check all your health-related records via your voice commands and touch gestures. It offers an in-built computer to store all your medical documents, prescriptions, etc.

3. LumiLux Toilet Light

AI gadgets for bathroom - Lumilux toilet light

In the middle of the night, during nature call, LumiLux Toilet Light will illuminate one of 16 colors. So that, you can do your business without stubbing your toe. Apart from light illumination, it has also a motion and light-detecting sensor that detect body temperature to illuminate the room automatically while entering and shut off while leaving.

4. Touch-Free Liquid Soap Dispenser

AI gadgets for bathroom - touch free liquid soap dispenser

While coming to take extra precautions and avoid germs, a touch-free liquid soap dispenser is one of the best AI gadgets in bathroom. It has an in-built infrared sensor that dispenses soap after sensing your hands. Once dispensing the soap, it takes 3 seconds to ready for the next user. Made with transparent, durable, and solid ABS material, it uses advanced vacuum suction technology to avoid leakage.

5. VicTsing Shower Speaker

AI gadgets for bathroom - Smart speaker

Singing in the shower is one of the little joys everyone has done once in their life. VicTsing wireless waterproof shower speaker suction cups feature an in-built hands-free speakerphone option, and a microphone so that you can share your music with anyone who might call. It supports up to 6 hours of playing time at 70% of the maximum volume.

6. Automatic Tooth-Paste Dispenser

AI gadgets for bathroom - toothpaste dispenser

The automatic toothpaste dispenser is another AI gadgets in bathroom for non-contact operation with hygienic, convenient, and free hands. According to the strength, it can control the length of toothpaste extrusion. It has a unique patented dual-position technology, the lower layer is suitable for adults whereas the upper layer is for kids with the right amount of extrusion of the toothpaste. So, toothpaste is not wasted.

7. Smart Faucet

AI gadgets for bathroom - smart faucet

In some big hotels and restaurants, you might have seen the smart faucet and air drier in their toilets. These are simply amazing. Because you don’t need to do anything, just keep your hand beneath the faucet, it will sense your hand, and automatically water will start falling from it.

8. Smart Drier

AI gadgets for bathroom - smart drier

Similarly, the air drier kept beside it doesn’t run until it senses anything under it. If you place your watery hands beneath it, it will start blowing hot air to dry them. You can use both of these smart AI gadgets in your bathroom to make it cool and high-tech.

AI Gadgets in Bathroom – Expected to see in the Next 5 Years

Besides all the innovations, AI is also working on bathroom gadgets. There are a few AI gadgets for bathroom you can count on your finger, but we are expecting to see more AI gadgets for bathroom in the upcoming years. Here are some of the concepts we expected to see in the next 5 to 10 years.

  • AI-integrated mirror with sensors attached to the shower wall that will monitor the water quality like purification, filtration, etc. in real-time and help to keep your skin healthy every day.
  • A face recognition system adjusts water temperature and pressure automatically according to your personalized settings.
  • A hovering drone mirror to style the back of your hair easily.
  • The BIC Smart Shaver AI-Enabled Razor provides you with information about your hair density, shaving style, water use, and more for a smoother shave. Moreover, it will inform you about the replacement time of the razor.
  • An in-shower voice recognition system to add toothpaste, shampoo, and other essentials to your shopping list while running low.
Upcoming AI gadgets for bathroom
  • The patented spray technology, Nebia by Moen adjustable shower head offers a spa experience with more water coverage. It also helps to save water.
  • The Colgate hum smart electric toothbrush, one of the coolest AI gadgets for bathroom, targets you extra attention needed areas in your mouth.
  • A pep-talking mirror guides your outfits based on your personal linked calendar
  • A dressing machine helps you to choose outfits and advises your dress-up.
  • A full body air-dryer to make your entire body dry after bathing, or wet in rain.
  • A height-adjustable mirror, sink, and toilet which moves up and down depending upon the user.
  • An ambient display allows you to make a cup of tea, or coffee and helps you to answer the doorbell from the shower.

Wrapping Up

These are all the AI gadgets for the bathroom, and many more are on the way. I hope you will be helpful with this article. And, these AI gadgets might help you to make your bathroom modern and high-tech. If you find this article of work, please share it with others. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. That’s all for now, stay tuned with us, and thanks for reading.!!

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