10 Unbelievable Smart AI Gadgets for a Smart Life

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly grown. But we are still struggling in India to use the smart AI gadgets for a smart life and enjoy the basic AI convenience in our daily life. Taking the help of AI, we can connect our brains to computers and moves one step closer to being a cyborg. But are we ready for it?

Well, you can use these 10 unbelievable smart AI gadgets for making your life smart. With these AI gadgets, you can start preparing a brighter future for yourself and the upcoming generations. Almost every country is working behind AI, and uses it to be beneficial, productive, and modernize. Why was India left behind?

List of the Top 10 AI Gadgets for a Smart Life

There are so many AI gadgets available in the market. But we have to be careful enough when choosing the top 10 AI gadgets for a smart life. Because, the gadgets should be in range and useful, otherwise why people would buy them, right?

So, we, Aigadgetsblog, prepare a list of the top 10 unbelievable smart AI gadgets after a little research. I hope you will like these Smart AI gadgets to make your daily life smart. So, read till the end.

1) Bonjour Smart AI Alarm Clock

Wake up every morning at the right time the bed with the Bonjour Smart AI Alarm Clock. This incredible alarm clock invented by Holi is a smart AI gadget that supports a voice-control AI mechanism to turn it into your assistant. Bonjour also features a warm and welcoming female voice to inform you of the weather of the day, and possible traffic, and can respond to your voice command.

Bonjour Clock - smart AI gadgets for a smart life

2) Dashbot AI Robot for Cars

Taking the help of the Dashbot AI Robot for Cars, you can turn any car into a smart car. With a sleek and compact design, this smart AI gadget sits atop your dashboard to provide you with everything for creating the best journey. You can sync the Dashbot AI Robot with your smartphone so it will give alerts to notifications and messages. Moreover, it allows you to control and manage your tunes, and make turn-by-turn directions without touching your device.

Dashbot to make your car Smart

3) Mycroft — Open-Source AI Tool to Control Your Home

Bring the power of AI with Mycroft into your home. It’s a cute and clever device that responds to your commands. Moreover, it allows you to communicate with other devices so that you can manage your smart home devices. Mycroft offers to set personalized messages to wake you up and lock up your home when you are out for the day. You can develop new as well as your features based on Raspberry Pi 2 and share them with the Mycroft community.

Mycroft smart AI gadget

4) Tapia AI Robot Companion

Tapia AI Robot Companion is all in a friend and an assistant. With an adorable set of eyes, this delightful robot can recognize human voices. If you talk and teach him about your names and birthdays, he can remember easily. Even it will act on your needs to cater better. To know more about Tapia AI Robot, click on “Tapia Robot Review: An AI-Based Communication Robot” and learn all about it.

Tapia AI Robot

5) Vortex — Robotic Toy Re-invented

Vortex is a responsive and smart AI gadget robot that brings incredible fun and creativity. It’s a revolutionary product for kids to play with and program. You can control the Vortex using the apps which offer different games to play. If you learn about robotics and coding languages, create your own Arduino programmed robot.

smart AI gadget

6) Dagadam Watch — Most Intelligent Smartwatch Ever

Dagadam is an incredible high-quality smartwatch that is made of aerospace materials. Apart from just a smartwatch, Dagadam features machine learning software, feeds, and notification systems. Moreover, this smart AI gadget helps to save your time and keep you in touch with the importance of your life.

Dagadam smart watches

Dagadam Watch offers a new Spectrum display with 16.7 million colours, a 400 x 400 resolution that displays natural colours, and can adapt to the quantity and quality of light of the environment, water-resistance with an IP67 rating, Tico voice assistant, and usable for both the Android and iOS devices.

7) Graava — Action Camera That Does the Editing for You

Graava is the first AI-based video camera that can identify automatically using Artificial Intelligence and edit the best moments of your footage. Later, it will allow you to share the captured images on your social media channels. Graava is enough smart AI Gadget to be a perfect companion for video editing and the small size makes it highly portable.

Smart camera

8) Vinci Smart 3D Headphones

The Vinci Smart 3D Headphones are equipped with Artificial Intelligence and AI-based voice recognition. Besides tuning out beautiful audio, these headphones can work as a standalone Hi-Fi music player. It features 32GB of onboard storage, active noise cancellation to enjoy your music, and sensors like proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyro meter, optical heart rate sensor, GPS, and compass to deliver personalization.

AI-based smart headphones

9) Vi — The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

Vi, the great AI-based personalized trainer, makes your workout 10x more effective and keeps you motivated. It’s the world’s first true AI personal trainer with a female voice that helps you to get to know each of your full sessions. Moreover, it tries to understand your habits and will motivate you to reach your goals by sticking to your personalized fitness program.

AI trainer headphone

10) CHiPK9 — The World’s First Lovable Robot Dog

CHiPK9 is a robot dog that could be trained, loyal, and affectionate. Just like a dog, CHiPK9 is intelligent, playful, and the best friend of your family. When you wear a smart band, it can recognize you. Even CHiPK9 can follow you, wait for you to come home, and remind you of the food. The incredible artificial intelligence of CHiPK9 helps to learn simple commands, play fetch, and avoid obstacles to adapt its personality. If you want to buy it, check out here.!

Chipk9 smart AI gadget robot

Wrapping Up

Among all smart AI gadgets, I have prepared a list of AI gadgets mostly used. Check out all the smart AI gadgets listed here and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family circle. Feel free to ask your queries and don’t forget to follow us for more interesting topics like this. Thanks for reading.!


1) What things use Artificial Intelligence?

Siri, Alexa, Gmail, Tesla, Amazon, Google Now, Netflix, Google Translator, Facebook, and a lot more things use Artificial Intelligence, and most of them we are using daily.

2) How AI is helping in our life?

Taking the help of AI technology, the intelligent automation of routine processes and virtual assistance are helping to perform our tasks and daily life works quicker and easier. And, it enhances the performance in several ways.

3) What AI can humans not do?

Artificial intelligence is well known for solving problems quickly. A human can also do that, but it will take some time whereas AI-based machines can do it faster.

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