Top 10 AI-Based Indian Startup Works Globally

AI-based Indian startup is gradually spreading across the world. The Indian government is investing millions of dollars in AI-based Indian startups. These AI-powered Indian firms are focusing on developing new products and services to boost productivity and income in the home market.

The most intriguing thing about these businesses is that, in this case, the size of the business scarcely counts because the specialties and skills in the particular sector of work make these AI firms extremely well-liked by the consumers. Check out our picked options below.

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List of the Top AI-Based Indian Startup that Revolutionizing in 2022

AI startups are the trendiest brands in the market, from offering healthcare services to delivering highly sophisticated AI and ML solutions to practically every industry. Here’s the list of the top 10 AI-based Indian startups that revolutionizing in 2022. is a top AI-based Indian startup that has developed the world’s best conversational CX platform for consumer-centric companies. It has effectively merged the power of human intelligence with artificial intelligence to create active learning to give on-demand customer experience at scale.

Building, automating, reacting, engaging, producing insights, and deploying are all aspects of entire customer lifecycle automation. It provides a variety of platforms, including proprietary NLP, bot studio, agent-assist dashboard, campaign management, and many more. It also offers solutions like customer engagement automation, customer support automation, conversational commerce automation, HR automation, and ITSM automation.

Data Sutram

A list of distinguished investors, including Varanium Capital and Yatra Angel Network, gave Data Sutram US $2.07 million. It is a Mumbai-based location intelligence firm that provides industry-specific data packages to assist businesses in effectively acquiring clients. This money will go toward expanding operations for AI globally and purchasing additional data sources.


Heaps Health Solutions is a worldwide health tech platform and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider founded by Dr. Suman Katragadda. It uses cutting-edge data analytics, AI, and ML to transform healthcare delivery and payment methods.

The startup collaborates with important parties including customers, payers (insurance companies), providers (hospitals), and big businesses. The platform supports ML and AI technologies that enable the customization of care management strategies for each patient or policyholder.

Additionally, it makes the management and coordination of patient care easier. HNI investors and family offices contributed Rs 550 million to the company’s Series A round in January of this year, which was used for expansion. The Mumbai-based NVS Wealth Managers and Rajiv Dadlani Group claimed the lead in the round.


RealBox Data Analytics is a set of AI-based Indian startups for business analytics solutions that generate insights for organizational improvement. The company collaborates with voice assistants and other intelligent personal assistants to enable major organizations to share vital insights with business executives to maximize enterprise ROI. Hyderabad Angels provided seed finance for USD 300,000.

AI-Based Indian Startup’s intelligent automation platform, developed to fundamentally change how organizations achieve autonomy via the automation of complex business processes, enables business users to innovate and respond to change more rapidly.

This AI-based Indian startup was developed by Payeli Ghosh, Krishnan Subramanian, Babu Sivadasan, and Sudhir Sen. It uses no-code software development, intelligent document processing, NLP, RPA (robotic process automation), ML, and AI. A general human-in-the-loop approach to power the next generation of enterprise applications. Eight Roads Ventures, an investment company sponsored by Fidelity, led the startup’s Series B round of fundraising this month, which saw the company raise $53 million.


CropIn is renowned as the brilliant AI-based Indian startup offering agricultural companies cutting-edge farming solutions. It provides tools for making decisions that include live reporting, data analysis, data interpretation, and many more.

Numerous AI-based farm management programs exist, including SmartFarm, SmartRisk, SmartWare, and RootTrace. Agricultural businesses, seed producers, Agri input suppliers, financial lending organizations, crop insurance firms, and governmental agencies are among the further six categories.

Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi’s Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence (AI CoE) is intended to fulfill the rising need for intelligent systems. Customers may swiftly adapt and adjust the landscape by leveraging the company’s cloud-based integrated data analytics framework.

It also includes patent-pending technologies, to acquire actionable insights and improved outcomes. Over three years, the stock returned 174.89 percent, while the Nifty IT returned 106.55 percent. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021, the firm spent less than 1% of its operating revenues on interest charges and 56.1 percent on labor costs.

For the past 25 years, Tata Elxsi has been a driving force behind technological developments. From self-driving vehicles to video analytics solutions, it covers a wide variety of AI and analytics-enabled innovations.

AI-Based Indian Startups


Abhishek Nehru and Santosh Dabke founded Ripplr in 2019; it is a plug-and-play comprehensive distribution network for brands in India and is owned and run by Intelligent Retail Private Ltd. An AI-driven full-stack distribution firm is constructing India’s asset-light and technologically equipped distribution network while providing brands with distribution as a service (DaaS).

This Bengaluru-based firm is developing both digital and offline end-to-end capabilities that will allow companies to scale distribution from hundreds of big format retail outlets to thousands of small stores across regions.

The eCommerce platform stated in February that it has crossed Rs 500 crore in annual recurring revenue (ARR) to become an organized multi-brand authorized distributor in South India. It claims to have expanded sevenfold in the previous year and is on track to reach Rs 2,000 crore in the following year.


Agricx is the first AI-based Indian startup of SaaS stack for organizations in the agriculture industry and one of the most creative Indian AI start-ups. Its main objective is to effectively remove inefficiencies by reinventing interactions throughout the food supply chain.

Agricx-Inspect, a stand-alone tool for quality assessment, Agricx-Procure, an enterprise program for processors, Agricx-Spectral, an inexpensive device providing lab-like findings, and an open platform for third-party integration have all been released.


Expertrons is an AI-based Indian startup, renowned as an artificial intelligence video bot platform that provides online training and development programs to students interested in pursuing a vocation.

To crack interviews, internships, and B-School interviews across India, there are interactive video bots of domain-specific experts from major educational institutes. Aspiring applicants can choose between Expertrons Pro and Expertrons Plus.

Wrapping Up

These are all the AI-based Indian startups in our opinion that help to revolutionize. I hope you will be amazed by going through it. Please share this article with others to spread the knowledge of AI-based startups. Don’t forget to like and comment your thoughts regarding AI-based startups. Also, feel free to ask your queries in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which AI company is working with Amazon?

Amazon recently disclosed plans to acquire iRobot Corp. (IRBT) for $1.7 billion, which might allow it to increase the presence of artificial intelligence in homes across the world.

2) Who is the leading company for AI?

AI is utilized in a variety of technologies, including automation, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, self-driving automobiles, and machine vision. Our top five suggested AI firms are Master of Code Global, ThirdEye Data, DataRoot, DataRobot, and H2O.

3) How many startups in India fail?

According to the 2017 research on Entrepreneurial India, which was funded by IBM, up to 90% of Indian companies fail during the first five years.

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