Top 10 AI Apps for Artists and Designers [Free or Paid Tools]

AI is completely changing and becoming an inspiration for worldwide designers and artists. A good AI Gadget or tool can spark fresh, innovative thoughts and help you approach concepts in different ways. These tools enable designers of all skill levels and offer new ideas for better design and artistic creation. Some common tools or gadget work for both designers and artists. Different types of gadgets are available for artists and designers to increase their productivity and make something beyond their imagination. Choosing the best type of tool among 100 tools is a long process. In this article, things can become a little easier for artists because Here we going to see a list of the best AI apps for designers and AI apps for artists.

List of Top 10 AI Apps for Artists and Designers

1. Canva:

Canva Logo


  • Can create high-quality images, posters, and videos.
  • Customizable layouts
  • Users can directly publish their work through Canva.
  • Anyone can create any marketing or artistic material easily
  • Different templates, designs, ideas

When it comes to design and art requirements canvas is a common word which gets used. The platform can provide different templates, GIFs, and designs according to requirements like, for social platforms or general use. People can edit designs or can just copy the whole concept given by Canva. It’s the most used platform not only by artists but also by different influencers.

Price: Free, but for the pro version price is $14/monthly

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2. Midjourney App

midjourney app

Features of Midjourney:

  • AI generated images can be created
  • Work on the server of discord
  • Able to create different images
  • Subscription is necessary for better result

Midjourney is a fast-growing AI planner. It creates AI-generated images with a touch of madness. It was created using Discord. It can provide artists and designers with the best creative images. However, it can sometimes be messy and annoying, with a huge number of people taking photos at the same time. First, people have to learn how to manage this tool so they can work on it properly. People are rapidly using this tool daily to enhance their work quality, but the growing audience is also a reason for the mess in this AI.

Price: It’s free in starting, but for the advanced plan it starts from $8 every month.

3. Khroma – A Color Generator AI Tool

khroma app

Features of Khroma:

  • Free to use AI tool for color genetor
  • Endless palates of colors are available
  • Images are ai generated but with your choice of colours
  • Hex codes get used for easy implementation of colour
  • People can upload their own created images and can apply colours to them.

Khroma is one of the best AI tool, it’s  is a must choice for designers or artists who struggle to find the perfect colour scheme for their projects. First, the virtual reality tool will ask you to choose some colours that you like. Khroma uses your selections to create colour palettes, graphics, and varieties of colour combinations. An SVG generator that lets you see how your chosen colours can enhance your photos, ideas or any artistic creation is one of the best things.

Price: Free to use as of Now

4. Dream Studio

Features of Dream Studio:

  • Use stable diffusion
  • Images get created in just 2 sec with high quality
  • Easy edit and easy download after creation

Dream Studio is based on a text-to-image model with stable diffusion that can produce graphics using the least amount of energy. As a result, designers and artists get photo-realistic images, and AI produces any other type of image. DreamStudio sets itself apart from other text-to-image generators by enabling you to scale and modify photos using many advanced photo enhancement techniques.

Price: The service is free but with credits of around 1000 for $10.

5. Let’s enhance

Let’s enhance

Features of Let’s Enhance:

  • Texting is available in the image generator
  • Do more than 16X Upscaling of the photos
  • Imperfections can be removed easily
  • One-click presets

For those artists and designers who struggle to get quality image content from clients, Let’s Enhance is the best gadget. With just a few clicks, it employs artificial intelligence to improve your digital art. For use in print, real estate, and e-commerce contexts, people can remove noise, sharpen fuzzy photographs, and resize images.

Price: Free in starting and then 9$ every month

6. Looka Logo Maker

looka app

Features of Looka Logo Maker:

  • Dozens of logo ideas are present
  • Feature of fonts and colour concepts
  • Hundred icon option

A revolutionary tool called Looka Logo Maker makes use of AI to make it simple for you to design a logo for your business. The software has an easy-to-use interface wizard that shows you a variety of pre-made logos so that it can be better. The wizard will next ask you to select the colours you desire, including a creative line and the style of symbol that best represents any company. Looka Logo Maker will provide several logo alternatives based on your invitations.

Price: starts from $20 and it’s a one-time fee.

7. NightCafe

Nightcafe art studio App

Features of Nightcafe:

  • Designing and image editing tools
  • CAD tools
  • Support of Blockchain
  • No-code

One of the well-known names in the field of AI-powered design software generators is NightCafe. Compared to other tools, it contains more well-known algorithms and features, and it is very easy to understand for use by a beginner. NightCafe is built on a credit system, and that is why investment for better results is necessary.

Price: Free to use but credits require money.

8. Dall-E

Dall e App

Features of Dall-E:

  • Higher resolution
  • Different options for making the image more real
  • Better composition

Our best list of AI generators includes OpenAI DALL-E 2, an AI image creator. Artists can quickly create an amazing image that becomes a reality. The sequel, DALL-E, looks promising. The tool can be used to create images, design objects, and generate new business ideas. DALL-E’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to take great photos with the help of artificial intelligence. Therefore, DALL-E 2 can be used not only by professionals who respect the instrument but also by artists.

Price: Free to try, but $15 is a fee for monthly use and for 115 credited

9. GoArt:

GoArt App

Features of GoArt:

  • Two modes are present for generating image
  • Different styles of art
  • Free tools for generating content

The Ai image creator application can create any artwork in just a few seconds. Anyone can turn their work into great artwork through this. It can also turn something into NFT work. It’s a perfect AI to test different artwork in one platform to get ideas for better changes.

Price: Monthly fee is $7.59

10. Visionist:

Visionist App

Features of Visionist:

  • Different filters are present
  • Easy to use
  • 60 styles are available
  • Create original image according to need

It’s an application to make your art or design better with the help of AI. Using the application is very easy, you just have to select work and upload it on the app, and then apply the changes you want. It’s especially for people who are just beginning their design and artwork careers.

Price:  Free to use

The creative tools of AI made things easier for designers and artists because they helped them get some innovative ideas through different paintings and pictures. Designers also get tools where they can show their creativity and improve it with time. Some of these gadgets ask for investment after a free trial, and some offer free services for creators who are just starting in the artistic and design

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