Check this Amazing AI Air Purifier with Smart Motion Tech.

AI Motion Air Purifier By SK Magic Malaysia happens to be one of the every CES 2020 innovation award honorees. The CES Innovation Awards signifies a yearly competition acknowledging exceptional design and construction in consumer technology goods, and SK magic Malaysia currently happens to be serving the year-end release with the “Amazing Plan & Excellent Plan” associated with the First Anniversary within Malaysia. This air purifier’s highlight is to clear up the contaminated space autonomously with AI technology and 3D space care. Know more regarding this product in our review below. 

What are CES Innovation Awards?

The ‘CES Innovation Awards,’ happen to be presented as the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES), initially founded in 1976, concerning consumer electronics goods that come with the most excellent layout and class. An elite jury of industry specialists from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) inspects and acknowledges outstanding products within the consumer electronics business by assessing criteria like functionality, aesthetics and design, engineering qualities, and customer appeal.

AI Motion Air Purifier | Overview

The AI Smart Motion Air Purifier by SK Magic Malaysia autonomously operates for the most cleaner air quality by sensing the air quality indoors. This AI Air Purifier, with Smart Motion sensors, maintains Air Quality year-long for 365 days. Here are the key points:

● Smart motion and sides suction

● AI purification system and Smart sensors.

● Stage Filter System that comes with Ionizer.

● Touch-Free Smart Motion!


Smart Motion Detecting Sensors

The Focused Air care operation with motion technologies and smart sensors for living spaces makes this air purifier stand out. Check out some of the features below:  

● Identify dust generator by different motions in everyday life

● Rotates and pops up for sourcing dust

● Focuses on suction and purifies particles around homeowners

● Transmits clean air to every direction

● 3-Side Coincident Suction

● Suction from all the three sides for raising clearing efficiency up

● Front Concentration Mode

● Undiffused delivery filters air farther and quicker

3 Level Pop-up | Based on indoor air quality

●      Pop-up Level 1: A smart sensor happens to be activated, plus within the same time, fresh air rushes out from the back, top, right, and left.

●      Pop-up Level 2: With ‘poor air quality and the red light on, fresh air emits out from each of the directions (top, front & back, right & left)

●      Pop-up Level 3: When in the front focus Mode, fresh air emits out to the front.

6 Smart Sensors

●      01. Fine Particle Laser Sensor: This sensor helps detect dust generators with the help of various motions in everyday life.

●      02. Gas Sensor: This filter helps in displaying the optimum gas concentration level by displaying Blue/Green/Orange/Red colors. Also, it alarms when red proceeds over 10 minutes.

●      03. Temperature/humidity Sensor: This is a real-time temperature and humidity sensor displayed with the help of LED dots.

●      04. PIR (Infrared ray) Sensor: This constitutes three PIR sensors that detect the particle source’s exact direction.


●      Model: Motion(Acl-140m)

●      Capacity:  46.2㎡

●      Power Supply: Ac 220~240v / 50hz

●      Sensor Compositions: Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Fine Particle Laser Sensor, Gas Sensor/ 3 Pir Sensors

●      Color: White

●      Power Consumption: 52w

●      Dimension (mm): W360 X D360 X H805

●      Net Weight(Kg): 16.5

Filtering System

The 4-stage filtration system is very effective for providing fresh and pure air within the houses. 

●      Pre-filter (Washable): This filter helps eliminate massive particles, and pet danders floating freely in the air.

●      Dust Filter (4 months): This filter helps in removing mid-size dust plus improves the elimination activity.

●      Deodorizing Filter (12 months): This filter helps eliminate formaldehyde, bad odor, disease-causing lousy gas, and other matters from the houses. 

●      HEPA Filter (12 months): Removes dust particles (PM2.5/1.0) as well as pollen, pet dander, mold spores below PM0.3

IoT Maintenance Service

Make sure to install the App for ‘SK magic’s Smart Center for availing IoT Maintenance Service. You can easily download it from Google Play Store or iOS Store. You are likely to get services for wholly distinct IoT remote control and also maintenance services that provide reporting, air quality monitoring, remotely on/off/reserved operation controls. Furthermore, you can also trace management service, remote control service, and reach out to the Magic Care Service Center.

Final Verdict

Air purifiers happen to be quite essential these days. Fresh air is limited, so air purifiers have turned out to be a part of our daily lives. Your homes are not fresh, even if you wipe the floor and furniture daily. The air quality always is going to require extra conditioning if you need to sustain a wholesome life. 

With the AI air purifier, you can get the best cleanliness for you, your family, and your kids. Therefore, make sure to get yourself one. Our review has simplified your task in looking for one. All you have to do is click and purchase.

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